Urumi regenerates other units HP? Description might be wrong


Description of Urumi says they can “regenerate idle unit hitpoints”, when they don’t.
I think the description should be changed to “regenerate hitpoints when idle” instead.

Where does it say he regenerates HP of other units?
Urumi regenerates HP when idle, that’s all. You can’t regenerate HP of other units, you can heal but that’s different mechanics.

That is the exact description.
It works as it should.

I’m confused. Did you see my screenshot? It clearly says “regenerate idle unit hitpoints”.

Do these two sentences “regenerate idle unit hitpoints” and “regenerate hitpoints when idle” mean the same thing? If they do, it was my mistake because I’m not a native speaker of English.

Regenerate idle unit hitpoints means [this unit] regenerates hitpoints [when] idle

This ability is passive and doesn’t have a special name. I guess the description might be changed to ‘HP regeneration when idle’.
One way or the other it says ‘unit’ not ‘units’ so there’s no implication of other units that may be involved in this ability and its effect.

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I agree with OP the wording there is bad and inconsistent with the rest of the description. It should be corrected to something like “Regenerates hitpoints when idle.”


Thanks for your reports, we are now tracking this issue internally. :+1:

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You’re right to bring this up. Neither sentences are full sentences in English, but most tooltips in this game are not in order to save screen space. Unlike some languages, English does not have many modifiers on words that would enable us to infer meaning, so you just have to rely on context.

“Regenerate idle unit hitpoints” could mean “[this] unit regenerate[s its own] hitpoints [when it is] idle” or it could mean “[this] unit regenerate[s the] hitpoints [of a different] idle unit”. These two different meanings can only be inferred from context, which is not provided by the current description.

Clarity should be prioritised over brevity.

I didn’t know that “regenerate idle unit hitpoints” could be interpreted in both ways. Thanks for the lesson.