Urumi swordsman too strong. NERF PLZ

Its just way too good against ANY melee units with the unique tech. Beats heavy cavalry, infantry way too easily for their cost and training time. Seriously sick of these new crap gimmicks the devs keep throwing at us. These NAKED mofos beat samurai jags and teutonic knights with WHIPS for gods sake. It doesnt even make logical sense either. Please make it so the unique tech only applies to barracks and stable units, or better yet, remove it altogether since it only serves to give dravidians an unfair advantage in certain matchups while against others its a waste of money.



If they didn’t get the extra bonuses of charged attacked , or even just ignoring armor, against Samurai, Jags or TKs I could live with them.

Haha, the sword whip thing being so ludicrously dangerous is funny, but I don’t really care aside from the above.

Horrible design, check this post though it’s fixable, with some innovation and willingness.

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Well if you check the description it says, strong vs infantry, so expect that.
Anyway, what makes them OP in melee is that hidden splash damage that ignores armor with the tech, so remove that to start.


And please, stop doing armor ignoring techs. Just give them a high attack! All this does is punish units that cost too much anyway.


Hight attack infantry already exists with Shotels and Teutonic Knights, as well even jaguar warrior, If the tech is the isse the just increase the cost tho, honestly in comparison to Druzhina and Garland Wars the tech looks too cheap.


I do agree that the unit probably needs nerfs. But I 100% think people should use their archery range to deal with them. Most civs have either decent Crossbowmen or Hand Cannons.

But that’s the issue, if you don’t have brute force units (Cataphract, War Elephant, or even Konnik and Leitis or Coustilier) or good ranged options (Slavs, Bulgarians, Teutons, Franks) you are basically doomed in post-imp. Leiciai at least are cavalry which take bonus damage from halbs and camels.

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Outside of Frankw qll these civs have good siege. And if anything Dradivianw struggle vs siege

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Nope (20 characters)

It’s even very strong without the unique tech (which I don’t think should be removed - Dravidians have a garbage stable and have to be good at something). That said, as a new fan of Dravidians, I have to acknowledge that the Urumi is OP - it just has too much going for it, especially relative to just about every other infantry UU. Yes, it has counters, but what it does, it does too well. I don’t mind the new functionalities (“gimmicks”) of some of the civs/units, but the Urumi literally has 3 (Splash damage, charge, and Anti-armor with Wootz Steel), which is just too much.


You should try the HC more often, since the buffs, it’s good enough at killing infantry.

The issue is that it takes time to mass, but it still works very well, and it helps that urumi are bottlenecked at a castle as well.

And Bulgarians have very good CA, and a good eco for tech switching into them.

As usual if anything it’s the Celts who are the worst off against strong melee civs in the late game outside of closed maps

But I do think urumi will see a nerf though.

Likely nerf the charge damage at least. I think it makes more sense as an aoe unit, than a high damage unit

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kill early, dont let the game go to post-imp

I have to be honest, I tried this unit myself and saw pros use it, and it’s an underwhelming unit. It will very likely be a niche/post-Imperial luxury unit.

They do horrible vs Crossbows and they do below average vs Knights also.

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Honestly, I wonder if making them unaffected by Wootz would be fine.
Technically a nerf to their damage but also helps to differentiate them from the wootz militia line


Besides, why would you use Urumi vs knights when you have FU halbs with discounted upgrade? It makes no sense really.
If Urumi’s speed was like Eagles’, then ok. But it appears to be something like 1.05 while halbs walk at 1.
It seems people are making rather absurd assumptions only to justify nerf requests. I wonder why.

…It’s weird how everyone is justifying how the Urumi isn’t/can’t be OP because it’s weak against crossbows, just like literally every other infantry unit except eagle and huskarl…so maybe don’t do a single unit comp against an archer civ?? The fact that it has any counter at all supposedly makes it “niche.”

Regarding “absurd assumptions to justify nerf requests,” have you actually looked into how the Urumi performs against knights before parroting the assertion that “they do below average vs knights” (which is a useless statement which gives no idea of what “doing average vs knights” even means.) Given equal resources (17 knights, 27 Urumi, 2295 res), Urumi wins the battle handily, and FU Imp Urumi does even better vs Paladin thanks to Wootz steel. This is to say nothing of the fact that Urumi is far less gold intensive. Sure, they need castles to mass, but once you have 1 or 2 it’s not that hard to do with their fast production time. If your purpose is only to counter knights, then of course you would go pikes/halbs, however if you want a versatile power unit that smashes everything melee and is good against buildings, go Urumi.

There’s a lot of utility in being strong vs. units that you may not intend to fight, but will end up fighting (especially fast units that you can’t run away from). Basically, it’s very hard to counter the Urumi with any melee unit.

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Even Teutonic Knights beat Paladins on equal resources, they beat Boyars as well, both in Castle age and imperial age, and obviously they shred everything else in melee, save for Cataphracts and Elephants. They don’t even need any other tech, just armor/attack upgrades.
The problem is another: when do you have the time to “abuse” that strength? You see, Urumi is indeed very good at melee, but you can’t just mass them without using them. What is the opponent doing then? You build some castles, you go to imperial, you get Wootz Steel, you mass them (so you could spend a lot of resources without any problem), and your opponent just throws champions or slow melee infantry at you, letting you slaughter them?
You can’t open with Urumi alone, so you probably open with Archers->Crossbows as Dravidians don’t have knights or even remotely good light cavalry, then add Urumi, nice, what if your opponent goes siege? You don’t have bombard cannon. What if you’re raided in your base? No knight, no hussars, no camels and slower-than-teutons light cav.
What if your opponent goes knights against your archers in castle age? You’d do Urumi or pikes? If you go pikes and crossbows, how many resources can you spare to mass Urumi? If you managed to keep a lot of xbows alive you’d go Arbalesters/Chemistry/Bracer, before you can find another 900f 450g for elite Urumi and 750f 600g for Wootz Steel game could be over, not to mention that you’d need armor upgrades for infantry, which you might not want to prioritize over archers’ techs.
That’s why I don’t think Urumi is OP.
It would be OP if you could somehow fast castle => make castle, then just spam Urumi and win, for now the unit most fitting to this plan is called War Wagon, and even that has counters, and works mostly on just one map.


it’s not that simple, a Castle costs resources, and if I ho through the trouble of building one, I would lile a unit that beats the mundane Dtable and Archery Range units. In small numbers, Urumi dies to Knights (talking here Castle Age version on Arabia), and dies even harder to Crossbow. I don’t care if in some theoretical post-Imp infinite resources scenario, Urumi beats Paladins, there will always be a winner civ in this sort of infinite resouces showdowns. What matters for 1v1s is that you build a Castle but get a very average infantry unit, when I think about ealy Castle into a killer UU, I think about Conquistador, Mangudai, even Keshik (not power unit but cost-efficient), or Janissary. Not some 1.05 speed unarmored guy that can get walled, can get kited can get shot to death by defensive Skirms.

You guys want something to be upset about? Bengalis are a decent civ in Feudal/early Castle but in Imperial they will be brutal. FU, without Thumb Ring Elephant Archer with 2+6 Pierce Armor. Gets Parthian Tactics as well so does very decently vs Halberdiers also. I think this unit will be brutal on Arena/Black Forest, only counter I can see is Onagers. It beats everything else and fires insanely fast.

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Dravidian ele archers have a word to you.