US challenge is not syncing in the cloud

I play AOE3 DE on both my pc and laptop. I started playing the US challenge. On my laptop I finished 9 states and on my computer it’s only 5 states and the cloud wont sync with the laptop progress. Is there a way to force sync the cloud or overwrite the computer save with the laptop one? I tried copy pasting the laptop save folder on to my pc but it didn’t update the US challenge.

Please let me know if there’s a way to fix this.



Can someone at least tell me where can I find the US challenges save file so I can do it manually?
It’s not in the savegame folder

For anyone who has the same problem I figured out where’s the US challenge save. It’s in the users folder. After overwriting it on my computer AOE 3 DE folder the challenge was updated. I really hope they fix this problem.