US civ, Steam, ownership - question (probably for Devs)

Just bought Mexico civilization a minute ago and looking at the list of available add-ons, I remembered a certain issue that irritates me a bit.
The US civ DLC was given away for free as a reward for completing a special event. From the technical side of accessing the add-on everything works as it should, however, unlocking this content is not unchecked from the Steam user library side and never was AFAIK.

I understand that this may be some financial or legal matter that needs to be worked out, but is there any chance that the US civ will be ‘officially’ assigned to the user account in the future? This will be helpful, in addition to the general reflection of the status on the store side, for example for people who want to complete the entire collection of games. In such situations, having more components results in a greater discount when buying the rest.


Exactly the same case here.
I bought Steam version of AOE3DE + African Royals DLC + Mexico DLC. USA was unlocked via challenges. It would be very nice if USA is visible as DLC in the same way as the other ones.


We cannot play the US without internet because it is listed as non-unlocked DLC and you cannot play in the UP with the US either, for me that is very annoying


Honestly, I haven’t looked into this situation, but I do recall that during some server maintenance or server issues there was a problem with accessing DLC civs, even African ones. In the long run, it must be resolved there’s no other way around it.

Even if their servers are reliable and set to work for another 200 years, people ought to be able to access all content of this type when playing offline. I’m playing 3DE on a PC with a normal Internet connection, but I wonder how it does look when running a game in offline mode.

It’s not game as a service/semi-MMO like idk, Warframe, and these things shouldn’t rely on server-side authentication. I guess there might be some deeper issue how somebody decided DLC will be handled for 3DE, but it can’t go on like that with possibly more and more DLCs/expansions in the future…

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Related to this I want to know, if I buy the Mexico DLC and I unlocked USA via challenges, will I have the last Historical Battle? Even if technically I didn’t have the US DLC?

I once made a support ticket about this and I didn’t get a good response. My ticket was specifically about the fact that I could not play single player with the US civ during server maintenances and I requested them to give me steam access.

But the response was: Your dlc is enabled through your xbox account so you’ll need internet to play it. They didn’t resolve the issue (or maybe I didn’t have the patience to pursue further).

So I really hope they’ll enable the US DLC on steam for me so I can play US all the time. And of course, I’ll buy the Mexico civ - I’ll happily buy any content for AoE3DE if I must.

I just noticed - US civ unlocked via challenges is present as a DLC the same way as other ones!


Devs, you reacted so quickly for our request and didn’t even notify us? Don’t be so shy the next time. :smiley: You can be proud of your work. My nomination for Steam award is going to you :wink:


Yup, forgot to write it here.
Also saw this notification and I though it was about Mexico. Didn’t expect they would not only no that, but that quick and (afaik) unnoticed.

Very good job indeed :+1:t2:

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Yes, this is awesome.

Thanks Devs!

I also got to play the USS Philadelphia mission. It’s a pretty cool short mission! Enjoyed it…