US Regular commerce age appearance

Anyone else feel that the un-upgraded age 2 model for the regular looks sort of out of place? It should definitely be the fortress age veteran upgrade, as the clothing is more similar to other veteran unit upgrades in age 3.

Since technically the united states didn’t have a real ‘uniform’ during the time period of the commerce age, I think the regulars should take on a bit of a more militia looking appearance, maybe something like this-

A team colored coat, no backpack but a simple knapsack worn down by the waist, and a black round felt cap. It would definitely help united states age 2 regulars feel more like ‘the frontiersmen’ type of vibe which would be as close as you can get time period wise.

Or maybe I just care too much about pointless stuff like this lol


The only issue is that State Militia and Sharpshooters are also a thing. I assume the intent was to make them more formal since all three could blend together otherwise.

That being said I think this route would also work if done well.