USA Challenge - Oregon

The challenge is “Deal 1841 damage with your Explorer(s) in a single skirmish/multiplayer game.”
I tried doing this as the Indians as they get 2 explorers. I camped outside the AIs village for about 15 mins killing every troop that came out and did well over that amount of damage with only my explorers. Finished the game by making a bunch of siege to blow everything up for the win and I still haven’t completed the challenge. Any help?

It specifies EXPLORER, not MONK or WARCHIEF, so it likely has to be done with an European civ.


Thank you, will try that. am quite new to the game so thought “explorer” was just like your “hero” of your town so to say. Thank you again

it’s very simple produces units very quickly and blocks any release or build of the AI ​​then you do 1 vs 1 explorer and to do so you have to go to max age with all the improvements and you let them fight and you will win the challenges.