USA DLC is missing!

Of Sudden USA DLC is missing from my content. Please fix it. Steam show it is still there, but it is not!


Same issue here too. Please fix this!

I’m having the exact same issue! I have tried checking for corrupted files, verifying game files’ integrity, unninstalling and re-installing the game, disabling the dlcs, launching the game again and then enabling them back on but nothing! Please fix I am maining US, can’t play my favourite civ and, worst of all, for something I spent money on…

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They already said it’s a known issue and are working on a fix

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lol a good amount people PAID for this DLC, the devs are surely taking their time.


no se sabe cual es la exactitud del ponlema amigo, a mi el DLC me funciona correctamente, aunque en mi caso jugue tanto el evento como compre el DLC asi que muy probablemente sea un error de ejecución por que que curioso que el error saltara despues de una actualización de steam

Same problem bro, just lets wait a little more… hope the devs know about the problem

This is a problem with Steam, and Civ 6 has the same problem. The dlc already purchased can’t be used.