USA DLC issue has been resolved!

We are aware some users are locked out of the USA DLC. We apologize for this inconvenience and our team is working on it. For the time being, players have seen success in disabling the Steam beta build in their settings, which has fixed this issue for them. Please try that and we’ll let players know when a fix is available

For those of you having issues with the USA DLC, please be patient, the issue will be fixed soon!
The developers are already aware and working on it.


I only realized this tonight that I was missing the usa dlc

good to know, its spreading like a plague, i’ll assume its directly related to this particular dlc being both an limited time unlock and purchase


I long opted out of beta testing, and I still can’t use the DLC. I am glad the devs are aware. I took a few days off from the game and came back to…this, was really shocked. I’ve never encountered a bug like this, or whatever it is. I know others have but man, shoe’s on the other foot.

I am assuming a November hotfix, or a December one.

I just realized this is happening to me too.

Huh, good to know I am not alone with this problem. I actually bought the DLC because I couldn’t complete all the challenges when they had it for free, so I actually have some money’s worth at stake here. Hopefully they will solve it on their side for us. I am not particularly gifted with computer issues…


The issue with USA DLC is fixed


Awesome, it is good to see the devs are still on top of the game. I don’t mind the issues really (it is the unavoidable cost of a game in constant evolution) insofar as they get addressed.