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Hi, can you help me understand why the USA is considered Tier1? They have an ok economy on their side, but at the troop level they have a weaker skirmisher and dragon than the Portuguese.

Gatlings, Regulars, Marines. Also Sharpshooters are almost as good as Caçadores, so it isn’t that much of a difference.
Also: the Indiana bug.


As far as supremacy is concerned I’d class them as a high B tier.

Gatlings are good and all of their infantry are strong, cavalry is quite weak with no upgrade cards though.
They shine late game because with the flag you just trade well and never drain res.

State Militia is not a weak skirmisher, it’s a better crossbow.
Okay a crossbowman has more range without a card.

And USA does have pretty poor anti-cav abilities too, no trainable hand infantry (no pikemen) and carbine cavalry are frail and need to wait for 2 shots to fire to get maximum dps.

They also have no settler cards (they do have french and Irish immigrants but they’re not as good).
Also Regulars cost equal food and coin which makes them more expensive if you’re trying to get to fortress and survive.

And Re-usable levy (that only lose 50^ health) makes them able to survive rushes.

All in all USA is a slow starter, but got a few things going for it in their unique cards that make upgrades free (Hamilton economics Springfield armory) 4 ways to get coin trickle (Capitalism, Dutch Immigrants, Pensylvania Pound, (Advanced) Saloons .

Once they reach fortress age they can be well entrenched with cost effective units and a good economy.

They’re only weakness is they’re a slow starter and weak to cav relying on outlaws to survive since their age 2 military is pretty weak and expensive outside of militia.


state militia is literally the strongest unit in the game.

the USA also has about the best eco possible in the game.

Really? state militia is the best in the game? i see the Statistics but it’s not very good… What did I miss?

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I have no idea, but none of these things are true. Maybe some joke, idk.

they are extremely cheap, they have a very high amount of HP and their damage is also towards the top, about the same level as cassadors.

the only negative is the lower range, but 17 range is frankly enough in most cases, esp since they are also faster than normal infantry.

overall they are just an extremely good combination of a lot of things, cheap, tanky and good damage.

They’re not that great, but do well against musketeer units since they’re quite tough and cost effective and fast to make up for their lack of range.

Basically they’re like tough Crossbowmen except they’re gunpowder units and as such are subject to counter infantry rifling and advanced arsenal upgrades like snaplock.

Yeah and they trade well because they can get royal guard upgrade, theres a federal card so the flag effects them more, they get more hp as you get a larger mass of them and the flag in general just makes them fight efficiently. Also benefit from all the advanced arsenal gunpowder techs which you can get for free.

also by lategame/treaty you have 1200 wood every minute (by comparison a factory produces around 400 resources a minute), so even the wood cost isnt too bad.

They’re considered tier 1 in treaty. Rarely considered tier 1 in supremacy.

Never heard of it, what bug is that?

It’s the broken usa FI that everyone is doing at the minute.