USA is insane

USA civ needs review because is insane how the economy increase, the buildings create very fast and dont give experience if you kill many units, It’s boring to play vs USA players, please review this CIV urgent


It’s eco is not particularly special, a lot of trickles are possible but usually not many are used. What unit doesn’t give xp? Minutemen do give you kill xp now.


Not by default I think, checked in the companion app and it says 0xp for kills; the ones that got the xp are the native warriors from the community plaza.

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Once you upgrade your minuteman to Marines they have kill xp


aoe3 is complex and often frustrating. While I too question some of current usa balance (age2 cassa prowler shaprshooter is ridiclous when paried with fast long range age2 goon for example) I find 8/10 times there are ways to cut off USA from whatever wombo combo it is going for.

prehaps you can describe your civ and what exact build order you are finding diffiuclt to deal with. That would help others give you more useful advice.


USA (and similarly mexico) are probably the civ most dependent on specific sharply timed build orders, the moment you disrupt those they fall behind other civs, the earlier you disrupt, the greater the effect of it

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On paper usa eco looks incredible but then look at the case of malta, they also can train 6 settler wagons and have a card that boosts entire eco like 25% yet they have 1 of the lowest win rates in the game. Eco alone doesn’t necessary translate to wins.

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USA is a good civ overall but not overpowered

I play with German CIV in this case, if you share with me a build order or strategy it would great. Thanks

i dont know how new you are, and im no german pro, but the classic german semi ff can handle age2 pressure well since your age3 unit shipements can brute through usa if they stick around in age2. can also just raid them if they ff and try and beat their 3 gats with WW
german eco is quick but not long lasting in 1v1 usually. semi ff get to 3 and ship the heavy cav mervs/9 uhlans/3 wagons as needed. if they go musk/cannon can always ship 1k coin and make a foundary and then get a few culvs and use the WW/skirms to kill
usa is very flexbile and hard to scout but germany has the tools. its just germany is a very fragile civ and you have to use your units in fights perfect. i cna send a link to GuiGs guide if you want! also check out widgie on youtube he has some good recent vid on learning germany!

I have to step on this truth. What I have is a watch and low the dense to emit no fog of war, south deep pick pocket is a map name Watch. Attack to the north rip line so far with 2 priest on one unit. Was there any more to it, I couldn’t be a throw more help. Emphasis we’re not past a Rise making it.