USA made euro civs look primitive in many ways

Dont get me wrong. I love the idea of getting New civs and suport from the dev team. But the whole concept of States made civs like british, german or some native civs feels strange.
While USA has access to ironclads, free advanced arsenal, two types of skirmisher units, one of them being completely broken, a powerfull musketter with extra range and some other stuff. I know that right now, USA isnt too op in sup, but in treaty they are the real deal. A cardless hussar that almost match the british husssar, that need 3 cards to become the finnest hussar in Europe.
Imagine being ok to fight with a medieval weapon such as longbows vs the state milita, the unit that can goes to 370hp and 36 damage the life of a musketter.
Needle gun is somewhat a joke. 288hp 33atk. Doppels has more cards then skirm in germany deck.
I dont think it’s fine New civs getting all Love and the old ones being completely outgunned.


This is why its not getting love. Unless they can pop volunteers or mass czpka ulahn the USA dies. I think they are - currently - kinda balanced. B tier or A tier for sure, but not even close to Sweden in February/March or even japan


Don’t forget cowboy rushes.


Yeah, that’s how these new civs feel. Extra bonuses stuffed into fewer cards.

One example is Inca’s Age 4 Terrace farming. Literally Land Grab, Cigar Roller, and Refrigeration stuffed together into one card.

I don’t think it’s an issue if the civ is balanced overall in terms of performance. But the older civs do feel more outdated and outclassed.


Stats-wise, it has been like this since the first expansion. Older European civs have a more “traditional” AOE design, where they get buffs on certain types of units, and most of the improvement cards are focused on only a few units.
When it comes to TAD, new civs almost got improvement cards for every single unit, regardless of whether the unit itself is effective or not.

And also the “combined cards” becomes more and more exaggerated as well. C’mon devs this game is not AOE2. Cards are a combination of unique bonuses and technologies and you don’t need to make every new card unique. It’s okay to have cards with the same effects.

As always, they can be balanced by adjusting the stats or timing, but they make the old civ look plain and uni-dimensional.


I feel like if AoEIII was released this year the Euro civs would be designed like the expansion and DE civs.

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Is kind like what the flag does with USA units. Imagine using 3 cards to get your musketter up to date, while USA can only put a flag and that’s it.
Or sweds, that dont even need a AA card to have acess to those tecs
I know that new civs get love, but please, give some love to old ones too.


Euro’s always felt a bit shabby next to the Warcheif and Asian civs which had fully unique unit rosters and architecture but I think people did not mind too much since those civs were vastly different cultures from the Europeans it made sense for them to be very unique.

When the US was annouced I was expecting a European style civ with 2-3 unique units and a few gimmicks and unique cards but what we actually got was a civ with 10+ unique units, lots of unique mechanics and a unique deck system.

On the one hand its cool to get a very unique new faction to play but on the other it feels like they have been overfilled with stuff.


It’s because they travelled back in time :wink:

Agreed. Sweden has the Svea Lifeguard that gives Caroleans and grenadiers an absurd 25% HP boost, along with a useful resistance type change for Caroleans. Most other civs would have to stack (2) +15% HP cards to beat that, as well as send an additional card to unlock one of their unique unit perks. . Totally unfair to see 1 card do the effect of 3 others for the other civs, since most original cards only do one thing anyways, such as +15% HP for skirmishers or ranged infantry

Another is Inca’s Couriers card in Age 3 that reduces the training time of ALL infantry and cavalry by -45%. European civs have to send 2 seperate cards to reduce infantry and cavalry training times to achieve the same result. Same with the USA’s Patriotism card, amongst tons of other new functionality that comes with the civ.

I get that they want the new civs to be exciting and different, but with respect to the old civs, too many things make the old civs feel archaic. Maybe there’s fresh blood on the development team because the original ESO disbanded long ago. Not a bad thing, but definitely older players seem to share similar feelings that the original civs look like dinosaurs in comparison. Lol. Sibling rivalry among the civs


In practice, of course, such cards may not be the sole reason that makes a civ too op because (1) there is usually not enough time and resource to send all cards and (2) the civ itself would have other deficiencies with timing, etc.
But most players are not highly competitive players with high APM and good resource management who end the game before industrial, and would get bored doing the same meta build order every time. From that perspective, old civs need up-to-date options (even late game ones) to make them more fun to play with. Even though some of them already have very strong metas in competitive gameplay.

Im hoping they do give some love to the old civs. If they altered one card per civ an update we could see some cool things. Like a card that lets the Dutch get muskets in a similar way to sweden gets. Combine two less useful cards into one. Give a Brit Port alliance card (Each get a shipment of unique units from the other). Whatever! just mix it up a lil


I agree Op. After I play with USA, other Civs are getting boring to me. I hope devs will give love other Civs. Espacially Ottomans. Ottoman barrack only give us janisarries but other civs give us three units. Ottomans dont have any skirmish units.

I think Ottos should at least get a Turkman Archer unit, because they still used Bows a lot, and they were cool in the Cossacks games.
There is also no excuse niow, to not have trainable Sipahis, since the USA can have new trainable units they get by shipments.


I agree JonOli12. Making spahis can be trainable is good addition to Ottoman Civ. I like also playing other European Civs but Usa civ made all of them bad some ways. I hope devs read our messages and making the game fair all of ways.


Good idea, if we want it to be like the usa, it should be a card maybe an age 4 card, cost would probably be 200food 100 gold? Feels like since the card that gives you them costs food the sphahi would be a food heavy unit

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Respect to the devs. I’d rather a new civ be too weak at first than too strong.

Then no one want to buy the new civ if its weak. Make OP new civ and get as much money as possible and nerf 2 months later, thats their logic

Euro civs don’t need an overhaul. They are good. They are age of empires. Similar civ designs with a little bonus that makes them uniwue.

All the expansion civs are the problem. Going out of their way to be not age of empires but try to be soemthing lkek starcraft with very different playstyle.

I never liked warcheifs or TAD for that but fine, after 15 years I swallowed them.

But now here we go with Sweden and now even more so USA.

The main problem is the absurd fully caress imperial age unit stats.

Aa people pointed out, in sup Sweden and USA are not OP. But in treaty their units are broken.
This indicates clearly broken OP cards that do too much because they just couldn’t give them the boring old traditionell Euro civ style card of +15 HP. No it must be something like +25% plus extra trample damage (Sweden cav card)

Like others have pointed this out, it isn’t fair.

But the problem is is USA and Sweden not all the other euros.

Nerf Sweden and USA instead of making the only civs vanilla players actually like also behave like a broken starcraft copy instead of she of empires. Pleasw

Don’t overhaul old euros, nerd the new euro monsters instead.

Please devs, make a unit stat spreedshepr with all units of similar type when fully carded in imperial age.

Look at hp, damage, range, speed, cost, train time,ijckusinf auras. Compare those USA skirms and all the others, compare ashigsru, musketeer and carroleans.

And then please, please make stats more close to each other,closee to the baseline unupgrsded euro civ standard units.

More special is Not better, its worse. Having standards in a game to orient at ensures balance and makes the small difference matter instead f compelety different op unit

None of these civs are “Age of Empires”

How these civs are unique is completely different to what made civs in AoE1/2 unique. These civs have huge differences and even among the old civs there are clear underdogs that need changes (Dutch for one) or are stupidly broken (Hello France). Or can do ridiculous shenanigans. (Instant spawning Russian inf). Much like the base civs most of the expansion civs, including USA, which is not very good in treaty btw, do follow this style of balance believe it or not.

Also Sweden is OP in treaty but not for the reason you seem to think. Their regular army composition is strong but the Swedish Fusilier is a god that destroys everything and makes their non-artillery units worthless.