USA Marines turtle OP

I don’t know what you think about this strategy now so often and if the enemy does it well, it is difficult to counter , USA FI ultra turtle and then canons / gatlins + Marines . Ideas of counter ? cause it kill very well cab, even garrochistas and Charros

The average musket ball. With falconets should be fine

if your civ has access to any lancer type of cav, its pretty much gg to marine spam bots

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Most civs don’t have lancer…and if the civ has no musketeers, only melee heavy infantry, like Chinese Aztecs Inca, it is impossible to beat those marines if they are decently protected. Especially Chinese since the cav that has multiplier vs non heavy infantry is a siege unit (steppe rider). So it is countered by marines.

But tbf everything about USA is broken.

Obviously it’s USA…it always was…xd