USA rework wish list

French Immigrant:

speed bonus removed

cost decreased to 150 wood

Explanation: treaty nerf, since the faster walking speed boosted US vill on mills/estate. in exchange the wood cost is lower to 150 wood.

Dutch Immigrant:

now send 3 Dutch merchant instead of a bank (merchant count toward vill limit)

cost decreased to 150 coin.

(can no longer train bank wagon at the capitol)

Explanation: remove one of USA’ passive trickle (treaty nerf) and replace it with a cheaper Settler card.

Tammany festival replaced with Philadelphia Quakers:

send 5 Quakers. (count toward vill limit)

Quakers cannot fight, hunt or herd, but gather all other natural resources 10% faster.

Explanation: Remove the easy access to cree (treaty nerf) and replace it with a 5 settler card.

Sent CDB, Quakers, and Dutch Merchant can be retrained at Embassy

Pennsylvania Pound:

penalty increased to 20%

Explanation: the current 10% penalty is barely noticeable as it only affects the estate and whales. You would need at least 50+ settler on estate to see a net loss. This nerf would make the coin trickle more of a wash in late game/treaty.

Pennsylvania Sharpshooter (the church unit call in) replaced with Nicolas’ Legion

send 6 Marines instead of Sharpshooter.

Explanation: a reference to the founding of the Continental Marine in Philadelphia.

US vill count increased to 99

Land of Lincoln (Illinois):

remove recharge time on flag. Can now be placed near starting town center.

(California bear still have the usual 90 seconds cooldown)

hp bonus removed.

Explanation: remove the hp bonus, but make it easier to place down the flag. The intention is to lower the ceiling on US unit performance and make it more consistent. Essentially a stronger version of Mexico’s Land of Zaragoza

Westpoint Academy(new age 3 card) :

General boost morale(same aura as inspiring flag and does not stack). General can build military buildings.

Explanation: an alternative to Land of Lincoln. Weaker version of Mexico’s Man of Destiny.

Iowa farmland, Mountain State gold rush, pine tree state:

bonus increased to 50% from 40%

Explanation: buff the age V Capitol economy upgrade to the same standard as other euro civ.

Georgian Hussar:

moved to age 2

no longer upgrade hussar to veteran.

Explanation: give the USA more option in age 2.

Long rifle:

bonus decreased to +2

now also affect Regular

a small nerf to State militia and marine/minuteman.

Regular get a small buff to compensate for the loss of cree tanning and the hp bonus on Land of Lincoln.

Moultri’s Militia:

state militia damage bonus removed

Generals can now train State militia at half speed.

Explanation: another nerf to the State militia’s performance ceiling, but the general get an utility buff in exchange.

National Guard: (new age 4 card)

State militia now cost 50F 50G

Explanation: allow the US to focus on gold production late game.

State militia:

range increased to 14

damaged increased to 14

damaged modifier against heavy inf lowered to 1.0 (still benefit from counter infantry rifling)

hp increased to 120, Ranged resistance increased to 30%.

speed decreased to 4.00

imperial upgrade bonus increased to 50%

Explanation: the intention is to rework State Militia into a Skirm war specialist, with a focus on HP.

Comparison of this new SM with Dutch and French Skirm:

SM: 302hp 30%RR, 36.19 damage (include the inspiring flag, but without cree tanning, Lincoln’s hp bonus and the Moultri’s damage bonus)

Dutch skirm: 288hp 30%RR, 36 damage

french skirm: 306hp 30%RR, 35 damage

Gatling Gun:

Aoe removed

range increased to 26

Explanation: Cut down on the Gatling Gun’s damage potential, especially in mass, but give them better survivability in the form of range.


attack range increased to 22 (24 at guard status)

Explanation: that last nerf was completely unnecessary.

Buffalo Soldier:

damage bonus increased to 25%

Explanation: buff this card to something that’s more appropriate for an an industry age card

Carbine Cavalry:

cost increased to 90F 100G

hp increased to 200

range armor increased to 20%

Explanation: give the Carbine Cavalry a much need buff, since it has always been one of the worse 2 pop Goon unit in the game. I believe the CC already had decent DPS so this buff only increase their durability to the same standard as the regular goon.

FYI 400 + 30% RR = 571, 460 + 20%RR = 575

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In addition to shipping the Coureur des Bois, the French Immigrants card also improves the Settlers.
Then, you spend 150 coin just for 3 Settlers who mine 15% faster only? Not let this card also make settlers mine faster?

Besides, I think the bank is a very distinctive design. Could you consider other ways to weaken the treaty without changing the bank?

Would Sharpshooters still be used?

In addition to shipping the Coureur des Bois, the French Immigrants card also improves the Settlers.
Then, you spend 150 coin just for 3 Settlers who mine 15% faster only? Not let this card also make settlers mine faster?

the dutch immigrant already improve gold mining speed by 5% and yield by 10%. It’s basically a weaker effect of silver smith, an age 2 card. It’s not just the bank.

Besides, I think the bank is a very distinctive design. Could you consider other ways to weaken the treaty without changing the bank?

the card could decrease vill cap when sent, but people can cheese it by sending it after hitting the cap. (you would need to keep the vill alive, however)

Would Sharpshooters still be used?

Sharpshooter still have much better range and (vastly better) damage against hvy inf and ranged cav. Against musk/goon + cannon the sharpshoot can hit the musk/goon from out of the cannon’s range. (assuming the last nerf got reverted)

beside, sharpshooter is awful at skirm war. SM and Sharpshooter are both light infantry but specialize in different target.

With my proposed change, SM would lose a lot of its effectiveness against hvy infantry. ~72 damage 431 HP is good, but for 50f 50g, not quite economical at trading against top tier Hvy inf.

The change to gold price would still be a separate card you would need to send.

Maybe let the bank cost the settler population instead of lowering the cap, similar to Feitoria in AoE2. In this way, the Dutch could be also be influenced. If the Dutch do not hit the bank’s cap, they can hold more merchants.
Bank of Amsterdam and Bank of Rotterdam could also be increased from +5 population to +5 and +X population.

So, how much do you think X should be, ie how many settlers a bank should be worth?

I don’t think dutch need such a major re-work, and certainly they shouldn’t change just to suit the US.

the theoretical penalty on the US bank card would be like losing 4 vill cap.

The USA has been hammered the last patch. Neither of these nerfs/reworks are necessary at all. Thanks for the effort in writing all the text but it’s pointless.

those changes are not meant to be just nerf.

I personally dislike the recent changes to the USA, especially the villager cap nerf and another round of SM nerf.
It feels like those changes were more to remove a “problem” rather than actually balancing them.

In fact, the new USA is perfectly balanced. They would need a Native warrior card or an alternative though but overall USA is in a good spot right now.

I support the idea of ​​reworking America.
maybe a revolution of the confederate states which would be too good and before you tell me something I remind you that I do not defend the causes and ideologies besides being an extremely important episode in the history of the country

In addition to the fact that the Republic of Texas is already added to the game (like a Mexican revolution) which had the same ideals and was the state that unleashed said uprising in such a way that they have nothing to worry about besides the fact that several historical games have them included