USA Strategies

Can anyone give me any build orders or strategies I can use with the USA Civ? I want to try them out this afternoon but I dont even know where to start

There is a very good site that teaches BOs I would start with that. They have 2 USA ones.


i think we need to wait a little bit cuz this civ would get asap nerfed so don’t get hurry about learning something that may be in one month have a completely different gameplay


I still cant seem to age fast enough with them? Im always lagging behind japan players

Anyone got any tips on them whos been using them for awhile?

There are a bunch of youtubers and build orders out there.

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A couple cards you can put in your deck that I have found to be useful
Springfield Armory, all your arsenal upgrades are free but take 250% longer to research can be shipped in age 2
Hamiltonian economics All market upgrades are free, also shipped in age 2
And I found that shipping gold trickle early in age 1 is very useful
When advancing to the fortress age I like New Hampshire as it enables you to ship a factory in Age 3 :smiley:
Hope this is helpful

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Do not forget Long Rifles and Patriotism, both of which are indespensible for any USA deck.


Guys i really need a Cowboy/outlaw build order for the US.

Its the funniest thing to pull this off with success but i am messing it up …

especialy with the age 1 cards…


-Send French immigrants first, Age Up with 12/10.
-Then send in Capitalism in transition, and shift all Vills to Wood.
-In Colonial, shift all Vills to Coin and build as many Houses as you can.
-Send /00 Wood and build forward Saloon.
-Pump out a batch of Owlhoots, then Cowboys, as you send 700 Gold and keep all Vills on Gold, using the leftover Wood for Houses.
-Harass to kill Vills or stop enemy Economy with your Outlaw units.


Perfect! Thank you!!!

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  • Pray that the enemy doesn’t scout you, put down a church and make 2 spies.

2 Spies just melt before Cowboys or Owlhoots.
Spies are way too expensive, and Melee, to properly counter the Cowboy Rush.

spies have no bonus vs outlaws only against mercs.


Interesting. I am pretty sure they had the merc tag st some point in DE. Maybe s bug.

They never had. Outlaws and Mercenaries were always seperate unit types.