USA Villager Strategy

I actually cannot belive how I missed this one. Guess I am just too trained to not think of Villagers as military units.

China wins in the end, but the French Immigrants card proves to be the strongest Age 1 shipment in the USA deck, like I thought it would be, because it just makes Vills so tanky, they are basically unraidable.

Yep, it really belongs in every USA deck. The 2 Russian Blockhouses probably deserve to be in every land deck as well. After that it’s kinda up in the air.

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There are others, like the Age 3 900 Food shipment that gives you 9 units and upgrades Regulars and State Militia to Veterans, the Long Rifles card, the Patriotism card, the US Army card, Refrigeration, Textile Mill, Coffee-Mill, 3 Gatling Guns and the Age 2 State Militia shipment.


USA Age 2 Rush that just murders everything

Uses Spanish Immigrants, which I would honestly just replace, but they do Siege down Houses and Merkets fast.
Age2 USA is where the money is at, like I always said. Regulars and State Militia are just too strong in Age 2.

This is also the guy that invented the Spanish Crossbow Rush against USA.

Yeah yeah there are USA cards that are great but I was specifically talking about immigrant cards.

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Regulars are WAY expensive for age 2.

State Militia are THE BEST UU America has and the only reason they aren’t the worst civ. They are great. All the other UUs USA has are subpar (sharpshooter, carbine cavalry, regular).

As far as cowboy rush is concerned i haven’t watched that yet. I’ll have to check it out.

Immigrant cards, the best ones are French, Chinese, Irish and Russian Immigrants. All the other are either mediocre or worthless.

The Dutch Immigrants card is useful in some greedy builds or Treaty.

You only need about 10 of them, and you can send 5 from a shipment. They murder every Age 2 Hand Cavalry out there, and are resilient to Crossbowmen and Age 2 Skirms.
The US Army Age 3 card boosts them and the General, to an admittably broken degree.

Carbine Cavalry is amazing if you sent the cards for it, and their Outlaws are better than everyone elses. USA has tons of options.
Then you have Gatling Guns, which are just supercharged Organ Guns, and actually better than Falconets against Infantry, not to mention they have an amazing upgrade card.

So I’m assuming the Chinese one was fixed in yesterday’s patch. My steam game wouldn’t update yesterday for some reason so I had to uninstall/reinstall and didn’t get to play yesterday. If the Chinese card was fixed then YES it will be good and probably replace Irish for me.

Irish Immigrants is a card in send in Age 2 or 3, not Age 1. It can often net you between 4 and 10 Vills, very easily.

Gatling guns are good as well as the state militia. I forgot about them.

I’m still of the strong opinion their other UUs are subpar. I use Regulars just not in age 2.

10 Regulars in Age 2 will just cancel out all Hand Cavalry and Rods you will ever face. Shock Infantry will, however, not justify training them, because State Militia with Long Rifles just deletes all Infantry, regardless of what it is.

So watching Aussie Drongo on that card… he sends it at 4:21 for 4 vills. I’m pretty sure.

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problem is gold in age 2 is rare. i typically don’t send capitalism or the bank until age 2 or 3 so my gold is pretty low (maybe even 0) when i hit age 2. then i’m using whatever gold i mine in age 2 to get to age 3.

and i’m sending french and irish immigrants in age 1 so i really don’t have the shipments until age 2-3 to send capitalism or the bank.

The Russian immigrant card would be great if you could send it in age II but by age III you’ll be on farms. Blockhouses? meh.

Actually, no, you will not. In most games, you are still Hunting by Age 3.
The Blockhouses also help with area control, specially in securing Hunts.

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In the original game herds were easier to manipulate but in DE I find it more tedious so maybe I don’t hunt as much in DE. Haven’t really thought about it until now.

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Carbine cav sucks even if they get the cards sent for them. Buffalo Soldiers says 25% but it’s effectively a 10% increase due to the way their attack works and they’re really squishy. They’d be better if they were 1 pop like Ruyters.

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This is exactly true. For some weird reason hunts in DE are really dumb. You take a shot (from the left) into a herd and then they run to the left??? Or you move a herd to your TC and then in about 25 seconds they’ve moved back to where they were… I have no idea what they did to the animals but they really need a fix.

Or just plain securing a forward base.

Russian is one I always have in my deck just don’t always send. It depends on the game. If I’m VS a SUPER rush heavy civ Russian probably won’t be sent that game because I need the units more, but if I get some down time where we’re both doing some eco I’ll send it and set up a FB.

Yep, totally agree. I don’t even build a stable most game as USA. They have great hussars with magyar hussars but they’re trained from forts and not stables (they’re also age 4). Carbine cavalry and just WAY too squishy health wise to even bother creating. They delete artillery relatively quickly but that’s really the only use I’ve found for them.