Use matching abilities on different targets with one selection

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The possibility to use similar units’ skills on different targets/areas after each other with one selection is currently missing, because right now the following things can happen,first all selected units will try to use the selected ability on a single target (even after clicking/selecting several different targets) rather than using it at each for each click), second only one unit will use the ability and others will do nothing (and while those units remain selected the UI will show that the ability is on cooldown, even though the others could be used and are still not on cooldown, thus falsely giving less experienced players the impression all of the abilities on that group are unavailable).

the lack of this feature affects different aspects of the game just to name some:
-warship’s broadfire ability (for example with 4 caravels selected one can’t press the hotkey while holding shift to issue the use of 2 broadfires on enemy warships by clicking twice and then clicking another time to use a third but single one on a fishing to boat to leave one of the four ship’s ability available for a later fight)
-Heroes (explorers,war chiefs,monks,ras etc) but especially asian civilization’s monks’ treasure guardian stunning ability
-incan priestesses -here i might be wrong, but to my best knowledge- If one was to select several priestesses manually or if the above mentioned feature worked the use of the convert ability more than once on the same target would have no extra effect and would just put all of the priestesses’ ability on cooldown.

There may be more examples, but for now these were the ones that initially came to my mind.

This feature is present on several modern RTS titles and would be a nice addition to the game.

tl,dr: The possibility to use identical units’ skills after pressing the hotkey and holding shift while clicking on different targets/areas in sequence is missing

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