Use this matchmaking map selection method instead: Remove Map Bans and Instate Unlimited Stars - all maps placed into queue

Remove map bans.
map stars to be used up to 100% of maps and remove bans entirely - starred maps that both teams star will become the map pool for that session - and if no double stars are shared between them then the map pool will be fought between the Single starred maps followed by if no maps are starred then the pool will be fought by all maps within the pool

This would also allow for players who prefer a small batch of maps to have higher odds of getting those maps if the opponent also stars one or more of them.

And some portion of players may even choose to go full random on whichever map is chosen by not starring anything.

it is good because it will encourage finding more maps you like and selecting them - and if the opponent simply does not star any of the same maps you might have a higher chance of getting one of your maps anyways due to a higher star ratio. And this way the opponent with even only a small amount of stars on their maps won’t have 100% odds of not getting them, they should still have a chance at getting their preferred maps rather than the current methods of outright banning maps from existence.

this is better than unlimited bans by a long shot, and keeps queue times short while giving the best result.

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