Useful abbreviations for AoE (so you can become a super 1337 omg expert player)

Useful abbreviations to show off to others to make them think you’re extremely pro at this game. Nobody will call you a noob any more!

On a serious note, they are quite useful. Because less typing means time saved. Whether it be for your lobby or ingame

Common game mode and flavours
RM - Random Map (the match type)
DM - Death Match
RC - Random Civilization
WW - Wonder War
Cho - Choson War
Sea - Sea War
NS - No Siege*
Archer - Archer War*
FFA - Free For All

*Archer War is sometimes referred to NS.

Buildings or units
TC - Town Centre
Vil - Villager
Leg - Legion
Hop - Hoplite
Phal - Phalanx
Cent - Centurion
Bal - Ballista
Hele - Helepolis
Cat - Catapult
Axe - Axeman
Bow - Bowman
IB - Improved Bowman
CB - Composite Bowman
CA - Chariot Archer
HA - Horse Archer
HHA - Heavy Horse Archer
EA - Elephant Archer
WE - War Elephant
AE - Armoured Elephant
Char - Chariot
SC - Scythe Chariot
Cav - Cavalry
HCav - Heavy Cavalry
Phract - Cataphract
Tri - Trireme
Jug - Juggernaught
FS - Fishing Ship / Fire Ship (ambiguous)
Trans - (Heavy) Transport ship


hahaha “time saved” while you wait 10 minutes for a full lobby

Added few extra and corrected spelling.

I’ve never heard of WE… But I hear ‘ele’ more often. It’s unspoken that a war elephant needs to be upgraded when possible lol.

Well if you want this but in Spanish would be
TC - Town Centre CU - Centro Urbano
Vil - Villager Al - Aldeano
Leg - Legion The same
Hop - Hoplite Mil- Milicia
Phal - Phalanx Pal - Paladín
Cent - Centurion The same
Bal - Ballista Arc - Arquero

‘Ele’ could be ambiguous if Elephant Archers or War/Armoured Elephants are deployed on the field. But as a general abbreviation, ‘ele’ would work yes.

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