Useless Techs

Some techs are useless or maybe a bit useful some specific cases. They need a rework and Hera summarized very well most of these “useless techs”. I added some more kind of “Useless Techs” :

In summary, list of Hera :

  1. Paper Money (Vietnamese) : According the Hera the UT Burgundian Vineyards is way better than Paper Money coz we have more farms.
  2. Nomad (Mongols) - (Me : Why not giving them the same bonus like Huns ? no need house at all)
  3. Medical Corps (Dravidians) - The regeneration almost is useless for such price it’s better ton invest in monks.
  4. Atheism (Huns) : (Me: Why not give the tech to cancel totally 100% the gold incomes, it would be a real game changer).
  5. Stone shaft mining (last stone update) - I will not make the last stone mining upgrade anymore in a classical map. It should be way cheaper.
  6. Flemmish Revolution (Burgundians) : (This tech should be changed completely)

To the list of Hera I would add :

  1. Flamming Camels (Tatars)
  2. Hill Forts (Lithuanians) - It would be useful at Dark/Feudal age but who care about +3 range TC at Castle Age ?
  3. Silk Road (Italians) - Not completely useless but we rarely have that much trade carts to make this tech really profitable (The solution is maybe to give the bonus to all the team ?)
  4. Cuman Mercenaries (Cumans) - This UT is joke. Even if I must admit that 5 Kipchaks could be useful at Imperial age in some rare cases, you still need the Cuman player to click the tech and spend 650 food + 400 gold + 40 seconds. - It should be much cheaper and much faster.
  5. Maghrebi Camels - 15 HP/min is not enough
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Dude, Hill Forts is underrated. I saw a T90 Titans League game that could’ve been won by the Lithuanian player if he had researched Hill Forts. It’s seriously underrated.


It will be cheaper in the next Patch, i think Hera already mentioned it.

Are you just talking about the unit or also about the +2range to trebs from Timurid Siegecraft?

Generally speaking i think bad UTs are ok in the context of a strong civ, If we buff Nomads mongols may need a Nerf somewhere else

If a civ is strong, it doesn’t mean they should get a useless UT. But agree than they should be nerfed somewhere and get a better UT.

Ill comment what i did on the vid

imo other kinda useless techs

Burgundian vineyards. Yes you have more farms than woodchoppers, but this tech costs so much gold that it takes quite a long time to way off. I haven’t done the math, but it is only worth it in very long 1v1 games. Although it does fit their identity more than viet

Great Wall. I mean, it’s fine? It fits but is only really used in closed maps considering how little people even use stone walls, much less fortified walls or great wall tech. Imo more useless than all of his top 5. Atheism is op in wonder games, however rare they are.

i can get behind your 7-11 but not quite for your reasoning.

Actually, with 60 farmers (which is a totally reasonable number), it pays back in about 5 minutes.

so actually, yeah, it does. i just tested it with 61 villagers around 2 mills and 1 tc and i got just over 5min (around 5:30 with double up farms and post imp upgrades)

I guess i was thinking it was more on the lines of old paper money (like where it costed gold)
here if anyone wants proof:

Yeah some of those are useless

19 range trebs is pretty dope though, I wouldn’t call it useless. +2 range for the price of 2 trebs? heck yeah


It’s really weird to me how Hera argues there tbh.
Yes Paper money costs 750 res, therefore it’s definitely not something you wanna pickup early imp. But it most importantly doesn’t cost gold. So once your gold run out the 750 res effectively translate to 130 g.
130 g is given to you by 2 relics in 130 s.
This is about how much gold income you would expect from 70 lumberjacks.
I think at this stage 60 lumberjacks is what Vietnamese should have at least at this stage, which means the tech should pay off after about 150 s + 60 s research time. That’s 3.5 minutes, which is actually wuite a fast payoff for an economic upgrade.

Important not is just, you should only get that tech when your gold is already run out. Yes most games don’t reach this stage. But I see no reason why civs shouldn’t have techs for trash wars. And paper money is everything but useless there. It’s not that huge, but it’s a nice pickup that can help you making some siege, rattans or CA for your backline.

Burg vineyards on the other hand you should try to get before your gold runs out cause once it is you will have problems to even get the tech. Doesn’t really matter if the trickle is effectively higher, when you miss the time to get it. And with Paper monay you don’t have the issue. You can get the tech once you need it, it’s an easy pickup then.

Yeah I don’t think Paper Money is useless enough to be in top (or bottom) 5 spots. Ever since their cost has changed from gold, it is an okay tech.

If Vietnamese wouldn’t get any buff in upcoming patch, I’d definitely ask to swap their UT.