User Privilege Error

I had the same problem/error…
did all the steps and still nothing…
next day i realized my nordVPN icon was lit up and coloured… not sure when i connected the VPN but as soon as i disconnected the VPN, and restarted AOK DE, worked perfectly with no errors…

that was my problem and how i got the same error listed here and how i fixed it…
maybe it will help someone that adds this to the list to check

disconnect from any VPN service you may be using

Hi @ll,
I’ve got the same error on my SP7. My Profile must be okay, because I can play without any issues on my surface go2. It’s the same xbox-Account that is used on both. So, at the end it could not be a problem with the profile or privacy settings.

Any Ideas?


yeah i now have this error as well, but on other news as well, by “get updates” on the Microsoft store is not working either

I would check the account privacy settings through start menu and settings wheel regarding access to stored account details in general. Also I would check and make sure the other device (Surface) is signed out (not sleep). And last but not least you could check manually for MS store and Windows updates on the SP7 while being signed out first in MS store. Sometime certain updates got stuck because the store is signed in. You could also test all above with a normal local administrator account instead of signing in with your MS account on the SP7. So if it asks to connect the MS account you try to use then and offers to revert your local account with that MS account into a MS cloud connected account you just say or answer ‘no, use it for this app only’.

Same issue as everyone else. Did everything suggested in this and other thread that was linked and nothing helps. I was really hoping to play this game but I guess I will just have to request a refund.

I am having similar problem recently. I have been playing the game online with friends since it launched. Tried all method mentioned. I tried re-installing my game as well. No luck. Anyone experiencing the same? I am on XBox game pass, Win10. Please help.

A friend bought me this game through the Microsoft store a few days back. Worked just fine up until today. When I run the game, I get this “User Privilege Error”, which basically prohibits me from playing online.

Nothing was changed with my account, my PC or the game. It just happened randomly today.

This friend basically bought the game for me so we can play together, therefore it will be such a shame if I can’t use its online features. I found some similar threads here and on other sites, tried the solutions but nothing changed. So I was wondering if I could find some help here.

A picture of the message:

I came here for exactly the same issue.
A bit more detail on my side.
I have installed the game on my PC, and have no issues with it at all.
I then bought a license for my son’s account and installed it on his pc.
When logged into my son’s PC with his account into xbox Live, the game gives the “user Privelege Error!”

I’ve checked all the settings in his account, even added and removed and re-added to my family account with no success.

If I log into MY xbox live account and launch the game it works without problems.

I feel this is somewhow related to his account.

I played around with different setting xbox setting (as mention above by others). It seems it takes a few days for it to be updated. And, it may be as well something else, make my game working again.

The below method worked for me
Open xbox app and sign out
Open windows store and sign out
Then windows icon -> right click AOE2 -> more -> app setting -> reset

Then when you start the game, it will make you login to your xbox account. Xbox application now asks for few read permission for the game and then the multiplayer services works.

Hope this helps

I have the same issue with the game several times now. I already had to reinstall the game for it to work in the past but it doesnt seem to be a fix.

When this problem occurs out of nothing (as i played yesterday without any issues) the game has a quite long loading time and slow response before i see the loading screen with the 3 heads. After that i get the User privilige error as shown before.

I now tried to re-launch the game and i had something i never had before. Please see below

Please find a solution to this as it is re-occuring still.

Try pressing Start (bottom left corner) then right click Age of Empires app, go to more then click app settings.
Then click Repair.
It worked for me after trying lots of other things.

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Hi there, I have the same issue as Muzzio39…I cannot connect to the multiplayer mode…I’ve done everything they said here, even I’ve spoken with Microsoft for almost 2 hours for nothing, the problem keeps on. I’ve even played other games online (free) from Microsoft Store…This is far away the worst platform ever. If I dont get any solution I’ll go to Steam rather than Microsoft Store. The experience with this platform is awful.

Hi all
I fixed this issue by going into the game settings and making sure the crossplay was ticked (near bottom left) hope it works