User selling "multihack" tool to cheat in AoE2DE

There seems to be a big influx of cheaters recently, which I think I’ve managed to trace down to one user selling a hacking tool he developed himself. He is selling his hacks exclusively for $30 a month.

This is what it looks like:

As you can see, it includes features like seeing objects through the fog of war, auto-lame, resource hacks and crashing the game for all players.

If you are interested to see what auto-lame looks like, here is player “Direction 2k” (also known as “Alfaplex Breno”) using it in a ranked game against Onleke:

Here are reviews from a couple of his ‘customers’:

Presumably he uses the same exploit that is already known to the devs, but I’m not sure if the devs are aware that someone is actively selling a hacking tool and has probably made hundreds if not thousands of dollars doing so. Obviously I won’t link the page directly, but if a developer is interested I can send the link through private message.


time to checksum the files used to play ranked and put the necessary mods (small trees, minimap position) as ingame option.

makes no sense to have a competitive/esport game with zero cheat protection and everybody is playing on different files

The devs (should) have known about these security risks for at least one year: Cheating and Security of Aoe DE II

A german hacker-team found security issues and reported them to the devs / Microsoft. I guess they told them also how they were able to exploit them (control enemy units, cancel opponent research, etc.).

Thus, it seems like malicious hackers were able to exploit the security issues faster than the devs were able to fix them. At least I hope that they are trying to fix them…

report them is usless. They can just use another account with family share



family share is just meta for exploiters and give zero money for the product, so idk why it’s enabled

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Yes I think family share is fine but just don’t allow people to have different account in rank mode with family share

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