Using docks to delete shore fish

People are building docks and cancelling them to remove shore fish from hybrid maps, Had a game last night where a player deleted 25,000 food worth of fish.

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Shall we call it a feature? I don’t see how this is breaking any balance. First of all, if you allow a vill to walk on your fishing spot, then it’s reasonable to get punished. Also, everyone can use this.

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Doesn’t matter than anyone can use this, you literally can’t stop it, that’s 8 docks in one lake and costs nothing to do since the docks refund 100% of their cost.


I find it funny that fish vanish from the pond. They should just shift inwards into the water or something

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Thanks, all! Stomping on fish spawns with docks is by design, but we are open to feedback. If you see this impacting games, please contact support with details.