[v.0.5] Resource Manager - Viewing, comparing, creating and extracting files from Age of Empires III .BAR archive

Dont pack it back as bar, and you are fine
put it in the folder where it belongs ( have to create it )

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how do i edit files and then restore them to the .bar? Hyped to see Iroquois again

I’ve got the exact same issue. Whenever I repackage my .BAR file, it says that the .wav file headers are corrupted and only plays the sound files I’ve modified. Not sure if this is an issue with decompressing or not.

for what is useful this?

Everyone who mentioned the problem with sound files - read the description. Program currently does not support operations with sounds from DE.


Just put this on top ;D

Where is Resource Managers.exe located? I can’t seem to find it after I extracted the .zip.

In the middle of the file…


I think I downloaded the wrong .zip file, the other one has Resource Managager.exe in it. Thanks for the help!

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@VladTheJr Can you please add the version number to the topic name, so that we remain updated whenever new update arrives for your amazing tool! :slight_smile:


Version 0.4

  • Added decryption of sounds (sound files can be extracted without problem now).
  • Added new GUI for extraction dialog.
  • Fixed bug with .xmb.xml extension while converted.
  • Added entry details window (in context menu in entries table).

Its always a manual update (:

I dont know this is related to topic or not
My problem with sounds is solved
thanks for the update 0.4.
but for now
I’m looking for a tool for editing video files
AOE3DE using .bk2 encoders so we cant mod movies because there is no any .bk2 encoder/SDK.
Also rename .bik to bk2 not working too.
The game doesn’t recognize new videos.

Okay, I will look at .bk2 files


@Voldemort75 I download this: http://www.radgametools.com/bnkdown.htm and it can manage bk2 files

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Thank you
I tried this version yesterday but the game didn’t recognize the video & skipped to next part
this is a free license but AOE3DE using Bink2 encoders which is not free & it’s only for studio & companies.

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I can confirm, I’ve been trying to do this for a while, but the tool doesn’t work.

Any tutorials for how to make mods? Tried online and found anything

What kind of mod do you want to make, because each has completely different procedure to start with.
For basic unit stats editing extract protoy.xml from data.bar and open in notepad.

Mainly improved AI mod and some balance mods