Variants of remaining civ

What variants can be produced for remaining civs that don’t have a variant yet?

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The ones that come to mind to me

Mongol variant - Golden Horde.

English variant - Celts.

The Delhi and Rus are a little more difficult. Delhi can be some other Indian empire and the Rus can be Viking?

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English: Scots or Welsh (both were under english occupation in late middle age)

Mongol : Gengis Khan (hero civ like Jeanne, this is definitely the best candidate for another hero civ).

For the other ones i have no idea.

Personally, I don’t think all civs have to have variants. For example: The Japanese and Byzantines in the DLC are too well done to need variants. In fact, the civs themselves could even improve more, mainly the Japanese would lack near perfection:

  • 1.- Get Muskeeter Ashigaru / ########### arcobusier;
  • 2.- Japanese Stone Walls,
  • 3.- Square shield for cavalry,
  • 4.- Atakabunes with a more tall hull.

Back to the topic of variants: They could exist as long as the civ has a lot of material that could not be released otherwise, such as “Many historical landmarks to take advantage of”, “Temporary sub-realms”, “Organizations”, etc And of course, the most important thing is to have some new mechanics that are interesting. I’m actually thinking about some effects, maybe one day I’ll make a concept for them (The one about the Delhi Sultanate, in fact, I’m already working on one).

My list:

  • Rus → Cossacks

  • Mali → Songay

  • Mongols → Golden Horde

  • Ottomans → Selyuk

  • Delhi Sultanate → Deccan Sultanates

  • English → Tudor


I personally would love a Byzantine variant whereas I don’t have to deal with the Cistern and Aqueduct

William Wallace with divine powers like Jean D’Arc? Oh yes, if they create this civ William Wallace must be a hero unit right relic? That way we can have real inclusion

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The civs of the campaigns I suppose?..

CivIcon-AntiochAoE4 Antioch · CivIcon-CyprusAoE4 Cyprus · CivIcon-DanesAoE4 Danes · CivIcon-LithuaniaAoE4 Grand Duchy of Lithuania · CivIcon-JerusalemAoE4 Jerusalem · CivIcon-BohemiaAoE4 Kingdom of Bohemia · CivIcon-HungaryAoE4 Kingdom of Hungary · CivIcon-PolandAoE4 Kingdom of Poland · CivIcon-KnightsHospitallerAoE4 Knights Hospitaller · CivIcon-KnightsTemplarAoE4 Knights Templar · CivIcon-NormansAoE4 Normans · CivIcon-NovgorodAoE4 Novgorod Republic · CivIcon-TeutonicOrderAoE4 Teutonic Order CivIcon-FatimidAoE4 Fatimid Caliphate · CivIcon-IlkhanateAoE4 Ilkhanate · CivIcon-MamlukSultanateAoE4 Mamluk Sultanate · CivIcon-AyyubidsAoE4 Saladin · CivIcon-SeljukEmpireAoE4 Seljuk Empire


Noooooo pls noooo no more persons as civ.

those are good

  • Rus → Novgorod or something else
  • English → Scots or Welsh
    these two are better this way

I hope jeanne got removed its so not for this game


It would be odd though to have Jeanne Darc be the only one. And i don’t see it as a civ, the civ is mongol, the person is the leader.

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About Scottish, Wales or Irish as English Variant, I think better "Not, for many reasons.

After doing a little, or a lot, research on possible concepts for Irish, Welsh and Scottish, I came to believe that they "cannot " be English variants at all. The civs have enough material to be civs of their own and have enough unique units of their own that they couldn’t share with the English or vice versa.

On the other hand, Scotland, Welsh and Irish CAN’T be English variants, mainly:

  • 1.- Language: Because in the Middle Ages the three civ did not speak English, but Celtic in the early ages and variations of Old Gaulish in the later.

  • 2.- Architecture: It was not the same either, the Irish had circular buildings, the Welsh lived in cabins in the woods and the Scots had vernacular architecture in early ages. On the other hand, the Landmarks of these civs could not be considered “English” as those of Zhu Xi would be, which are still Chinese.

  • 3.- Base model of units: Different from the English ones, mainly because the unique units do not even match and the name of the face of the units would not be the same.

  • 4.- Unique Units: Neither the Scots, Welsh or Irish could share the Longbowman, Rey, wynguard footman or wynguard ranger as units. The Welsh Longbowman would theoretically be stronger than the English one, but another unique unit, perhaps to replace the handcanonner, functioning like the W.Ranger. The Scots would have a substitute for the men-at-arm, Highlander swordman perhaps and focused on melee infantry. The Irish could have Gallowglass, KeRn, Hobelar, Redshank.

  • 5.- Sharing mechanics: It is difficult for me to see them sharing anything. The strategy of building forts to quell the Gauls is something distinctly English. The Irish were purely pastoralists rather than farmers, the Welsh lived in forests not on plains, so they could not share the agricultural island bonus. Men-at-arm from the dark ages, it is something distinctly English. If they don’t even share bonuses of variants, there is nothing left.

  • 6.- Gentilicio / People / Possible Public: Its people do not feel English either, and their descendants “even less so”. The racism of the British crown did not begin from its relationship with the American Indians, but already existed in the British archipelago itself for economic reasons: when the English crown prohibited pure English people from procreating with foreigners, or their children could not receive inheritances. And this applied to the Irish and Welsh, who were not considered pure English. The Tudor era and Anglicanism only further worsened any relationship between these peoples, especially with the Catholic Irish with the closure of monasteries and the expropiation of lands via the Plantations.

  • 7.- Mechanics: I don’t think they share any, neither the Keeps to produce units, nor the Long Shot Archers, nor the farms, so they don’t have anything in terms of variants. The strategy of building forts to quell the Gauls is something distinctly English. The Irish were purely pastoralists rather than farmers, the Welsh lived in forests not on plains, so they could not share the agricultural island bonus. Men-at-arm from the dark ages, it is something distinctly English.

In conclusion: I hope that these civs will not become English variants and if case were released will be as new civs and not variants. Because if not, with everything I have already stated, suggested that Irish would be a English variant would be the same as suggesting that Japan is a variant of China. You can comment on or discuss any details in case I’m wrong. Take care.


I also don’t think they’re great as variants.

However I don’t think they’ll ever get their own slot with all the other options out there.

For Delhi maybe they will create personality based variant civ like based on the legendary Allauddin Khilji.

The English variant can’t be the Celts because for one thing, the Celts might not be an umbrella civ like in AoE2 and also because the English aren’t Celtic.

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Perhaps the variant for English will just be the Normans, they appear in campaign too like Maid of Orleans got her civ.


If we have an expansion with spanish civilisation about reconquista , we can have Almohad Caliphate or Caliphate of Córdoba , the arabic - berber muslim state in north west africa and Iberian Peninsula (Hispania) , as variant of Abbasids with berber and andalusian units

looking forward to english variant called King’s army, or smt clever like khan’s squad for mongols

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I mean then what is really the point of that civ then? The idea of the variant civ is not to remove the most unique thing about the original civ. A good variant civ imo keeps the core elements and mechanics of the original and builds something else on top of that

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That’s what they did with OotD.

I agree a simpler 1 star variant of byzantine would be cool.

They would need to add something else new though maybe a twist on mercenaries or other.

Unfortunately there are so many other “new civ” to do that i don’t think we will ever see scots or whales if it’s not a variant civ. Or at least for a long time.

Im fine without as well if those aren’t variant.

But if they aren’t then the English Variant risk being uninteresting. Like something generic “the kings army” or maybe a region of England like Northombria or ####### but the issue is that how would it be different than English without having a good cultural inspiration.

Edit: so apprenty i cant write the region of England called Wess*x

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