Vast Improvements on the older verisons of AoE III

AoE III D.E. overall is a vast: improvement and update, of AoE III.

  1. Diverse game menu options covering various game modes, colonial historicity, game indexes, newer maps, reduced difficulty levels from easy to hard.

  2. Improved in-gameplay options and graphics design, visuals and graphics quality, new settings options, some infastructural and unit mechanism changes.

  3. Diverse improvements and unique changes in Native, Asian factional gampelays.

  4. Newer unique factions like the Swedes, Americans and Mexicans and the Africans.

  5. Though not gone through but the battle section is awesome other then older campagins remastered into one D.E. version.


One thing I loved about AOE III DE since the very first moment I saw it is the graphics are exactly the same, but vastly improved. Units, buildings, even icons are exactly we imaginated it in AOE III vanilla era