Venezuelan Civ

Now we have USA and México i think the next civ must be Venezuela or Argentina, because they was too important for the Independentist Revolution. With Simón Bolívar as leader, they could be a good civ inspired on faith, will, and their Heroes. Same with Argentina.


You mean Great Colombia, right? Either way, I rather see more Asian or some middle eastern civs before that


That would be prior. Great Colombia Is a better name.

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if we get another south american civ it will be brazil, this isn’t even really a surprise.


Agree. Even thought I’m up for an argentinian civ (as an argentinian myself), I think that if any other colonial country will be added, it will be Brasil.
I’m actually kinda surprised that we’re gonna have México.
Devs had us talking about a dozen of possible civs, and then they add one of the leasts expected. And I’m sure it’s gonna be FU***NG FUN!


Now with Mexico, the American group is official. The future candidates for me are Argentina, Brazil and Gran Colombia


Argentina and Brazil are a must now.


These and Great Colombia are the ones who we need to cover all América independentist great republics

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A dlc with Brazil and Argentina known as “The Wars of the Rio de la Plata” (TWRP), then a dlc with Chile and Peru, known as “The Andean Wars” (TAW) and finally a dlc with Gran Colombia and Haiti, known as “The Jewels of the Caribbean” (TJOTC)…


Rather add Great Colombia and Argentina in “The Libertadores”

North America:
3 Native Americans
2 Colonial Civilisations

South America:
1 Native American Civilisation

Also North America has much more minor civilisations too.

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And Peru too, the administrative center of south american viceroyalties, becoming independent with the help of revolurionary armies fron Argentina, Colombia and receiving support from all the continent.

Also, the war with bolivia against chile would make for some awesome historical battles.

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Correct. 20 characters

Would it be sensible to turn all the countries that were ruled by Simon Bolivar into one big civilisation?

Like Gran Colombia (including Venezuela), Peru and Bolivia?
And then use some system like choosing states/revolutions to include unique aspects of the individual countries?

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Bolivar is already in the campaign, so as far as I’m concerned that means they should be in skirmish also!

I want to learn more about South America so yes to all!

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You can already get Bolivar from two revolutions.

Theres no way to put these three togheter. Either way Bolivia was part of Peru for a while so you can put both of them togheter possibly

Yeah, Great Colombia

But wihout Perú (20 characters)