Very bad optimization

It is assumed that AoE 2 DE uses the same graphic engine as AoE DE? however the AoE DE moves smoothly, while the AoE 2 DE goes with brutal lag.


Funny, because I actually get slightly better FPS for AoE2 DE. And AoE1 DE lags for me on max settings but I can run AoE2 DE on ultra no problems …

… I never get a particularly high FPS, but better than AoE1 de, and the game still looks fine to me and I score over 1000 on the benchmark tests. No visible lag to me. It’s not like our eyes can actually visibly see a super high amount of frames in a second anyhow. And I never notice any input lag either.

Actually, quite the opposite: My first impression with the full release was how amazingly more optimized it was than the beta even just a few days after. Getting like double the FPS and a much higher benchmark score than on the beta … just a few days later.