Very Bad Performance With a Decent Hardware


Recently, I bought AoE 4 on Steam. I did not expect to run everything on max, but I have very bad in game performance.

I have an ultra wide monitor with a resolution 3440x1440, but thanks to AMD FSR technology, I can play on lower resolution.

That, did not solve the problem.

Even if I lower resolution to 1920x1080, just for a test, I set scaling to 100% while keeping everything else on low/off, but image quality which is set to medium. With those settings, I am getting around between 50 and 57 FPS on 1vs1 (start of the game), but keep in mind resolution which should be higher.

I saw a few videos on YouTube and people with a little worse hardware than my are playing with better graphics and higher FPS.

My configuration is as follows:

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x
GPU: RX 590 8GB

My GPU is always at 100% use. CPU, however, does not go above 10-13% in game.

Maybe I am wrong, but I think that I should be able to have better experience in game with this hardware.

Just judging by your hardware , you are slightly higher than the recommended hardware. So you should get stable 60 fps at high settings.

Your GPU at 100% is a good sign, but I’m not sure of the CPU usage you are experiencing.

I play at 2560x1440 with Ryzen 5 2600x, 16GB RAM, and RTX 2060 super at high graphics. My monitor is 144hz, and have nvidia Gsync so I have the limit fps to 144, but I think I get near 60-90, I didn’t measure it, but it runs smooth.

GPU at 100% is not a good sign, for a game this minimum demanding.
That means it’s overloaded , and starts throttleing.
The GPU should be around 95-99% at max.

GPU usage at 100% while gaming just means there’s nothing bottlenecking your GPU card, hence is a good sign when gaming… You can search it on internet and you will see that it’s completely normal when playing.

The low CPU usage it’s what is strange here, a 10-13% of CPU usage for this game (This game is more CPU demanding that GPU) means that for some reason the CPU isn’t working as it should.

@SLAVKO993 you should check motherboard, CPU and GPU temperatures. Maybe your CPU or motherboard temperature is too high and the CPU is downclocking it so it doesn’t get over a limit.

Also, there are several things you can check in the BIOS, but I recommend you if you are not an advanced user that you start checking normal things.

You have problems in other games? Or just in this?

EDIT: @DrMaxy4142 I just checked my CPU/RAM/GPU usage ingame, started a 3v3 with IA players and the game just started was like 20-30% CPU (AoE4 was consuming near 20%), 15-30% GPU, and near 3-4GB RAM.

So you were right that for this game 100% GPU is very strange, but I made the test with IA, maybe with players and when game goes on and everyone builds things and trops may increase. Also, the 2060 super is faster than the RX 590, so if I am using near 15-30% he should be using a bit more.

Then I recommend @SLAVKO993 check the GPU usage in idle or in other low GPU demanding games. A high GPU or CPU usage while idle usually means malware.

could also be a bad driver, its not like amd was doing good with the past drivers with AOE overall.