Very bad translation of the game into Russian

The game does not take into account how the units were called in Age of Empires 2. They came up with new names for everything (units and buildings) in a new translation. Moreover, it is completely not logical, as someone who does not know Russian translated it in a Google Translator.
But most of all it is annoying how the “Keep” was translated. In Russia, for some reason, he turned into “Donjon”. Which Donjon? Why??? This is a French word and not at all Russian. And all civs in Russia call it in French. Was it so translated just because it is given by Google Translate? But the meaning does not fit at all. It could be translated into Russian as “Кремль”, “Замок”, “Крепость”, “Оплот”. There are enough Russian words in Russian not to replace them with French words. All players still say “Замок”, because this is more familiar from the Age of Empires 2. And all the usual terms are called according to the old translation and those names that they got used to for 20 years.
In general, I would like to see more continuity from the Age of Empires 2. Or make a second version of the normal translation, and not from Google Translate.

P.S. I do not understand how it was possible to manage not to translate the game into Russian. The developers were able to voice all the units of Rus civ in Old Slavic, but they could not voice one announcer in the company. It’s hard to read subtitles. No one in Russia knows English!