Very Happy for Beloved AoE3, but a Colossal Missed Opportunity: PERSIA

Exactly I would not have said it better…

Tatars probably aren’t going to be a civ. They’re already represented in the Tengri Shrine.


And? There are two Indian minor civs, three if you count Sufis. And most European minor civs represent civs that are already playable.

Not to mention Lakotas, Hauds, Aztecs and Incas were all minor civs before being playable.

Tatars are a much weaker civ contender than those. We’ve already got Lipka Tatars and Tatar Archers so there’s even less options for the unit roster of Tatars.


We never know with FE
Nobody was expecting Sicilians or Burgundians in AoE2, or Hausa in AoE3
I also don’t think anyone was expecting an Indian DLC to actually happen, although many people were hoping for one.

Sicilians are a variety of Normans so I’m sure a few people expected that. Burgundians probably weren’t expected, but they were a powerhouse in the middle ages so they’re a good pick. Hausa was unexpected, but their successors the Sokoto caliphate was prominent and powerful. The Indian dlc treatment AoE2 got is way more urgently required for AoE3.

In comparison to those other civs, Tatars are extremely minor. They’re more on par with groups like Serbians or Armenians who are similarly situated in the borderlands between massive empires. The best way to feature them is as components of other civs which was done with Horse Archers. And if you want a central Asian civ, Uzbeks would be a much better option.


I don’t disagree with the Indian split btw. AoE3 Indians definitely need a split.

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Of course, good point…so the Tatars could be a playable civ…

Sure, that’s true…there is a lot that they take into account to put a civ…

It is not a split, but if they could put thematic cards: Technologies and Mughal units, Maratha mercenary units from fortresses age,symbolizing the Maratha confederation and already in industrial mysore rockets (which would be congreve rockets but with Indian skin)…

Below was the structure and ranks of armies of the great Maratha at a high level during the reign of Shivaji: Cavalry was divided into two at a high level:

  • Shiledar: A shiledar brought his own horse and equipment. Although organized different, even shiledar converged into the Sarnobat (chief of Army)
  • Bargir: One of the lowest rank (rank and file) cavalryman of the Marathas who was provided with horse and equipment from the State’s stock[8]

The infantry consisted of the below:[9]



the east inndians must be reworked like a civilization like persia

Will the republic of San Marino be there too? What about Greenland?

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of course, that too…it can be an entire Asian rework… Persia with zamburaks, India with Maratha units and Mysore rockets, Tatar units for China and Russia, Philippine units for Spain and Ainu technologies for Japan…


San Marino would be included in the Italian civ (Garibaldi was exiled there in 1849) and Greenland in the Danish civ (In the early eighteenth century, Hans Egede re-established contact with Greenland, becoming dependent on Denmark in 1814, following the dissolution of the Kingdom of Denmark and Norway)…


Persians should be the only AoE civilization that can create architectural, literary or artistic ‘masterpieces’ that can activate area effects or perhaps conversions on different area levels (though I now feel that’d be better for AoE4, with all the landmark area of effect stuff).

Would be newly strategic, and a gameplay breakthrough.

I think Persia would be a good choice for a small DLC for the AOE anniversary this year. Persia was one of the Civs in AOE1 and with adding it to AOE3 you can finally play Persia in all 3 AOE DE versions.


Yeah it’s the perfect candidate for an AoE3 anniversary single-civ DLC to fill the most obvious missing civ.


Of course, they are already putting mechanics of aoe 4 in aoe 3, eg the Lakotas and their mobile buildings, just like the Mongols in aoe 4…

Yes, in fact in AoE Online you can also play with Persia, but we do need you to be able to play with Persia in all the DE…

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Yes, although it is most likely an Asian dlc composed of 2 civs: Persia (XVI-XVII century) and Oman (XVIII-XIX century) in September-October and as a simple civ Brazil in December as last year…