hi, i need support. Since windows 10 updt of a month ago, my AOM:EE began to experience fps issues. After like 10min of an online match my fps drops to less than 5. Sometimes it drops to 1 during a big god power (such as fimbull). I dont know what to do, because before that i used to run aom graphics all max (1920x1080, all on max and even unlock zoom to get a bigger vision of map). Now even on lower resolutions i get some fps drops. The other game that i play was not affected by this issue (Football Manager 2020, which seems much heavier than AOM). It does not make any sense, cause i have many friends with much worst configs than mine and sitll run the game better. I dont know what to do!!! PS.: it seems that the 2.8 patch make it even worst. But this issue started after a windows updt of like a month ago (not sure what day exclty). 16gb ram 1TB HD (not ssd) core i7-5500U 2.4GHz nVIDIA 940M 2GB dedicated

Already deactivated windows defender. Already unistalled my antivirus.

Temperatures are normal