Very poor optimisation and graphics quality

Yes, I know it’s 2021, but my NVIDIA 660 Ti isn’t that bad yet! I play in mid-ultra in World of Warcraft on it (another game not about realism, but about artstyle, which aoe4 pretend to be). I don’t see any challenging graphics for my pc (core i5 8600k, 16gb oc ram 3600mhz). If I choose low graphics it’s still freezing with such poor soaped image, seriously? And you asking 60 euros for what? Unoptimised unfinished product? Make much more graphics tweaks for low end cards, it’s RTS after all, not a Crysis (aoe3 had much juicy graphics and works fine). Reduce soap effect, give accurate smoothing options (all fxaa, msaa, smaa and all that exist for the moment). I don’t see 2021 graphics in this game (even judging by ultra settings via youtube) and don’t feel like it’s using 2021 engine. You guys have tons of work ahead, just cute documentary videos won’t save the situation. Fix the engine, fix the game.

No it’s really bad. 660ti is from 2012 and it’s 2021 now. Upgrade your computer. This is maybe the only game that launched in 2021 that can enjoy with your computer.