Vet Cassadors Bug

When playing a team match, if France plays the “Team Early Skirms” any member of the team who is Portugal can make veteran Cassadors in age II. They own needless to say.


it’s true is so broken , need fix nright now !!

They should start without the Veteran upgrade

Hello @McZelAir, thanks for this bug report! I’ve taken all the information here and created a ticket to track the issue on our end.


Cassador dont even have veteran 20% upgrade even when it shows in their name, even the one trained in age3 will not have veteran stats. Just like other european unique units (Cuirassier, Lancer, Ophrichnik, War Wagon). Only Ruyters that somehow got their veteran name as well the veteran upgrade 20% bonus.

Continuing my post above, please take a look at other fortress age unit. So far I found Cuirassier, Lancer, Ophrichnik, War Wagon, Cassador don’t have the 20% veteran bonus, while Ruyter does. Compared to native civ, all Aztec fortress age unit also didn’t have the 20% elite bonus, while Haud Forest Prowler, Musket Rider, Lakota Wakina, and Rifle Rider does. Asian fortress age unit all have the disciplined 20% bonus.

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this is due to inconsistency by the original devs of age 3 units. some have built in age 3 stats, like war wagons, halberds and and cuirs, while others have shadow upgrades like dragoons, ruyters and skirms. this continued on in the expansions, with units like mahouts, howdahs, jaguar knights and rifle riders following different rules.

could possible be due to those units being available in age 2 originally, or maybe its completely random. either way now is as good a time to standardize age 3 unit base stats as any.

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