Veterancy Data

Hello there,

I’ve been trying to get the game to use different veterancy promotions for different units but I’ve been unsuccessful so far. I’m wondering if someone knows a way to make different veterancy promotion requirements for different units.

Right now in the veterancydata.xml it’s global for each unit that is given veterancy, meaning that it’s 1-2-3 kills. Since for stronger units it’s OP, I wanted to make a 2-4-6 kill or even a 3-6-9 kill promotion version.

If someone can make it work to have more veterancy promotion choices like

Light units: 1-2-3 kills
Heavy units: 2-4-6 kills
Artillery: 3-6-9 kills

or even unit specific like

Musketeer: 1-2-3 kills
Cuirassier: 2-4-6 kills

please let me know.

Night Fury