Video/audio sync issue in double 4K setup

My setup:

-Acer Predator H300 with RTX3060 and 16GB of RAM.
-Dell universal dock D6000S using DisplayLink drivers.
-2x LG UltraFine 31.5in monitors connected through the universal dock via DisplayPort using 8K cables and running @4K 60Hz.
-4K video content downloaded for the game, and game set up to run 4K video.
-Game set up to render in Full Desktop (8K)

Now, with this setup, video and audio go out of sync, some 2 or 3 seconds. The video also freezes occasionally.

My gut here is the dock, but you may want to contact support. Hopefully they can help.

Game support doesn’t respond. Last time I got escalated and nobody answered me. I leave the post here to document the issue, but I lost all hope of getting something looked at, TBH.

I’m very sorry to hear that. At the very least, I’ll take this feedback to that team and see if there’s a way we can tweak the CS process.

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Thank you for your (as an individual person and employee) support. You face people straight and try to be helpful. If you could at least bring the issue to the devs, it would be great. I upgraded my whole set up with monitors, dock and a new gaming laptop with RTX3060 just for Age of Empires. I spent thoursands $$ on this franchise that I love, and honestly I would like to feel the love back.