Video to introduce the editor

I will make more videos about the editor to show its use

I aim to present as much as possible mainly vanilla and maybe scripts but this is more complex

The video 01 : Age Of Empire IV : How generate map with the terrain Layout Tool - EssenceEditor - YouTube

The video 02 : Age Of Empire IV : How to create roads - EssenceEditor - YouTube

The video 03 : Age Of Empire IV : How to place objects and walls - EssenceEditor - YouTube

The video 04 : Age Of Empire IV : How to create cliffs, add textures and change the atmosphere - EssenceEditor - YouTube

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Can campaign heroes be placed or is there a bug? I cannot get William Marshall to move correctly in game

there is a mod already

I have the gameplay but not the model hahahaha

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Any idea what it’s called? I searched but couldn’t find it

I’d love for you to post these videos to the subreddit /r/aoe4mods!! Lots of people there that this would help

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I’m not on Reddit but you can very well share my channel there, I’ll make another video this weekend to show the editor, I don’t have time on weekdays

Four civ reskin I think