Vietnamese Sicilians

Tips or tricks or basic info for people who use them? Looking at picking up one of the two. I just dont know which one yet.

I recommend playing civs first and then deciding which ones to pick based on how they play and asking questions after that.


1v1 or teamgames?

Vietnamese seem easier to learn for Teamgames as your role is pretty clear as archer flank.

Sicilians are more flexible and complex. Therefore perhaps more fun but also harder to learn…


Team Games For Now since I suck at 1v1

I think vietnamese are more straightforward to learn for a newer player, and they have a lot of bonus that works together. If you want to improve, I suggest you practice a build order.

For Vietnamese, man-at-arms into archer is probably the most obvious choice to start, since the enemy position is revealed at the start of the game, it helps with the early damage with the maa. You then have strong archer and skirmisher (with the +20% hp). When you reach castle age, you will have saved some wood with your eco tech discount (costing no wood). You will probably have researched : Double bit axe, wheelbarrow, Horse collar, Gold mining and you will definitively get bow saw when reacher castle age. You will have saved 350 wood, which will help to build additional town center. You can have strong archer, elephant that are lacking the last attack upgrade, strong cav archer (blood line + 20% hp boost) only lacking parthian tactics. The only major problem with vietnamese, is that their buildings are really bad…

I think Viatnemese isn’t a beginner-friendly civ. I still haven’t understood them.

And Sic are also complicated, they can open with anything, their archers fall of later. They don’t have a real goto unit or comp and need to rely on their UTs, namely first crusade.
Also not beginner-friendly outside of the one-trick First Crusade FTW. And at higher levels they don’t shine because, yeah all their options are kinda bad.
Light cav spam in the lategame can work but even then, I think there are better civs to start with if you want to go that direction.

If you’re new and want to chose a civ to start with, better chose one of the well-known with a clear gameplan.

Honestly, what other civ are most beginner-friendly than vietnamese ?

  • The civ yells at you to go archer
  • you save some woods with eco tech
  • You can make a unit in the early game that will keep its value
  • You have a decent unit unique that don’t get countered that much by skirm
  • You have access to halbs/arb/bbc, one of the most easy comp. And you have decent light cav (only missing the last attack upgrade).
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HP on archers is not that strong. You don’t want your archers to be engaged anyways. And skirms are basically as effective against viet as others. The HP bonus gets it’s most value by archers being able to survive better against mangonels.
The wood bonus isn’t as strong as it looks at first glance.
The UU doesn’t offer that much more, it’s strong but you need to know how and when to use it effectively. And fighting against skirms should in general be avoided with them, too.

Halb/arb/bbc isn’t as easy. It’s actually quite hard to micro.

If you want a beginner-friendly archer civ pick britons or mayans.

They are a good team game civ but they cant really compete with some other archer civs here. Their bonuses make them a better 1v1 civ imo.

All in all they probably aren’t the most difficult to play but I wouldn’t say the easiest either. They are an archer civ but not as straight forward as mayans, britons, vikings or ethiopians. For instances, against knights and siege in my expierence it’s a bit harder to defend compared to those. Can get pretty awkward at times but on the other hand you really have a lot of options so from a strategy point of view very flexible.

tried Vietnamese yesterday finally. Man…I sucked pretty bad with them. My food production was always lagging behind.

At which stage? Like when you go maa you can put down 1 or 2 additional farms because of wood savings. Also tc bonus usually lets you push some deer even when you go for early aggression since you save time on scouting. Imo it’s totally worth it to get as much eco upgrades as possible and then focus on booming in castle age.