Viking arbs

How are they winning this?

probably some random targeting from the AI

This is with the +1 atk from the PUP patch.

But I seen it also the other way around vs the ethiopian arbs, idk which is really “better” they are basicallly at the same level.

But don’t forget vikings only get this with the PUP imp UT which name is… unspellable…

I know but I was under the impression that the +1 attack would do better against calvary but slightly lose to fully upgraded arbs with thumbring and lose pretty easily to ethiopian arbs.

I’ve seen other results of standard arbs (mayans) winning against the viking arbs.
But it’s really close anyways.
What will mater way more is whoever has better micro and/or numbers.

And arbs with TR should have a slught advantage when micro is involved vause of better rof and accuracy.

The biggest differencw will be agaisnst skirms most likely.

I think we need to wait with our judgement until we’ve seen it more in action. With VIkings the issue was alrways how the arbs paired so well with their eco, not the sheer power of them.
We also had Teuton Paladins “countering” Franks Palas and it never was an issue in actual gameplay.

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When micro is factored in, ethiopians arbs with faster FR and thumb ring available are going to dominate. And Vikings still need a Castle and research the UT and being in IMp to even start benefitting from It, so a “proper” Archer civ has lots of time windows to prove their archer better during the game

Looks like the Ethiopian Arbs deal 6 damage per shot and the Viking deal 7. This means that it takes 7 vs 6 shots to kill. Basically Vikings are getting a 17% damage increase.

Now intuitively the Ethiopian’s faster fire rate and Thumb Ring should combine to around 35% damage per second. In fact they can fire their 5th arrow at approx the same time Vikings fire their 4th, outweighing the difference in damage per arrow. However that assumes perfect firing rate and no moving.

Keep in mind that for the first wave of arrows both civs are equally fast, the Viking bonus is instant while the Ethiopian advantage won’t kick in until the second shot. This helps to even the odds, and you can see the whole front line of Ethiopian archers die before the Vikings take many losses. From that point on, Vikings have a numbers advantage. Ethiopians do have better sustained damage and almost make a comeback by the end.

I suspect that if none of the units had to move to fire (all units within a range of 8) then the Ethiopians would win. One Ethiopian archer can kill a Viking archer in ~9s (6 reloads), while a Viking archer kills an Ethiopian in 10s (5 reloads). Every time they have to walk a few steps and then fire they are basically generic. This is also not in a real game with micro, where Ethiopians will still shine.

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