Vikings, Berserks overhauling

Hello there,
Firstly, this is not a buff/nerf post. Besides Vikings would be in a nice spot right now in terms of balance, this is just a personal list of changes addressed to give Vikings a new gameplay more appealing with I think Vikings “should” be played (aka Agressive infantry civ)

-Swap UT’s: Chieftains to Imp Age and Berserkergang to Castle Age

-Berserkergang No longer rise the regenerate healing ability of Berserks, instead gives berserks the ability of build rams and Siege towers (yes, just like generic infantry in Age 4). After see several games of Age 4 i like the dinamic that this feature gives to the game and I think it really fits with Vikings. Of course, siege upgrades still require a Siege Workshop

-Berserkergang cost changed to 300F 300G

-Berserk’s regen rate rised to 30 HP per minute.

-Berserk cost rised +15G. Obtain +1 PA



Sounds like berserks would have no weaknesses with this change.

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Maybe the cost, or maybe the +1 PA is too much


  1. How to make the siege weapons able to be “build” similar to regular buildings technically?
    In the current game, the units are trained at buildings. There is no any unit trained at another units currently.

  2. How to make the berserks able to build something technically?
    It is hard coded that only villagers can build. The serjeants did not be done like other units since the dev had done something to bypass the limit. The berserk builders mean the dev have to remake this civ totally.

  3. How to keep balance?
    the Vikings have the siege ram. While one berserk steal into your base, it can destroy you from the inside a few minutes later.

The point I can agree directly is buffing the regeneration. Berserks regenerate 25 HP and elite berserks regenerate 40HP per minute basically, then the berserkergang could be changed into the another effect.

Even if we have to make units able to train units, I would prefer to support that the longboats able to train berserks.

I’m not a coder, just an enthusiast gamer, but besides the difficulty or resources needed, you can do almost everything by coding. Some coder whose I talked with, not my words…

Same as above. If they did once, than they can do it again if they want and make game a little more enjoyable (In my opinion).

Ok, this is part of the discussion… One Berserk should take much time to build one ram, and well… you could do the same trick with one vil… but with different approach…

Why no both? In fact this was going to be the first special ability of longboats, but original devs discarded it

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Eh, idk, having Zerks cost more than a Keshik seems like a big nerf

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if you were gonna change berserks i think something like a percentage based attack speed increase for every swing would fit better.

something like 5% increased attack speed per hit on enemy units (NOT buildings!) stacking up to 50% or smth, this buff would fall off if the berserk doesn’t hit any enemy unit for 4-5 seconds, and then remove the regeneration upgrade in exchange so they fall back to 25hp per min instead of 40hp per min.

people say berserks are now good at handling cavalry, but honestly, the second you pit your fully upgraded berserk vs. a fully upgraded frankish paladin the berserk gets annihilated, its not even a contest paladin wins the 1v1 with 50-60% hp remaining.
maybe increase chieftans to +6 atk vs. cavalry up from +5 or increase Berserk’s health (fully upgraded) from 74 to 85.

True but at rge same time the only weakness they have after this is archers. And even that’s a bit Debatable

This basically makes them a kill all unit at the cost of not being quite cost-effective. Idk, doesnt seem too OP to me, at least on paper

Either way Zerks are fine, although in the strong side

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They wouldn’t need to be quite cost effective because vikings have an insane economy.

a strong economy won’t save you in a 1v1 when all the gold mines on the map are gone due to their trash units being actual trash, and even if theoretically there was infinite gold on the map, vikings still become worse the longer the game goes on.

so yeah… i’d trade a strong economy for some damn viability in the late game any day of the week.

Games rarely get to the point of being out of gold tho. If a good eco doesn’t save you in 1v1 please explain literally all the evidence that says otherwise


You mean the guys which have a very low gold high food cost power unit at late game?


+1 PA for Berserk is must. Berserk being countered by generic arbalest is unfair because Berserk upgrades are heavily expensive and arbalest’s upgrades are too cheap and arbalest is generic all purpose unit after all. My proposal is +1 PA, 1.05 to 1.15 speed, 20/40 hp per second to 30/60 hp per second. Of course it will be OP with 65 food 25 gold cost. Thus, +10 more gold which is 65 food 35 gold with these changes. Btw increasing HC +10 attack against infantry to +16 also should apply. HC should counter infantry better than arbalest which is HCs main purpose.

Btw, it is true that Berserk is beast in melee fights but against ranged units, it is very weak unit. Buffing them in this field a little is necessary.

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I think Serjeant is more worthy of a buff as far as being able to construct siege goes. The berserkers wouldn’t have built stuff, they just land, destroy and pillage and steal everything that isn’t nailed down, and then go back to sea, or in a large battle they run round, ignore wounds, and kill lots of stuff. Serjeants however might be interesting to be allowed to construct siege after First Crusade but change the tech’s other effects.

Of course Serjeant need buff as well. There is a topic for Serjeant need buff. You should write this there.

I know there is a topic about it, and I’ve already put this suggestion there, I’m just saying, I don’t think that letting Berserks build siege is the right way to go, and such an ability would better suit Serjeants.

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I think siege building ability should be given to Serjeant or giving it every infantry. Same ability to only 2 infantry unit is stupid. If it is unique, it should belong one unit or all unit should gain same ability. However, I disagree about your Berserk need no buff idea. Berserk seems unstoppable if enemy hasn’t archer or strong melee units but in this game, both archers and strong melee units are common like all Cavalry Archers, generic arbalest, Leitis, Gbeto, Throwing axeman, Aztecs, Slavs champion, Japanese infanrty, Cataphract, Keshik, Boyar etc…


won’t matter if they are cheap in gold costs if there is no gold to be had on the map, dude.

also, 25 gold per berserk is not really “low cost”. its not that drastically cheaper than most other non-trash units gold cost, however most other non-trash units bring more value for their costs as well, so it evens out.

So with all your changes they can easily chase down archers and they already are super strong vs cavalry. They would also regen So what exactly is the weakness of this unit?

It too me is totally fair for them to be weak to archers considering they are an absolute terror to any and all melee units in the game.