Vikings Economy Pump! Who else? Economy Rankings?

I’ve observed that when my friends choose the Vikings as their civilization in the game, their gameplay is notably smooth and more enjoyable and I think it’s because the economy is really good with that civ.

In terms of economy, do you consider the Vikings to be among the top 5 civilizations known for their efficient resource management? Which other civs do you believe compete with them in terms of economic strength throughout the entire game, including early, mid, and late stages?

I think you went to the wrong section, right? Did you want to publish this in the aoe2 section?

The Vikings are in fact a civilization with an excellent economy. As for giving clear marks for a top 5, that is tougher to mete out these days. I would rather leave it at their economy is smooth for the parts of the game they excel at.

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These forums are dedicated to Age of Empires 2. Haha.

I’ve logged a couple more games, and I believe the Romans might be considered top tier as well. Poles could be strong contenders too, perhaps.

I think Vikings have the absolute best castle age eco in the game, adsuming regular settings (fighting from Feudal age and not afk booming). At mid castle age, when other civ researched hand carts, they should have 5 villagers lead and collected ~1500 to 2000 resources more.

This is mitigated by having unimpressive early game and underwhelming tech tree (horrible cavalry, baf monks, no gunpowder, bad cav archers).

In the first 15 minutes, many civs have the advantage, such as Franks, Burmese, Celts, Japanese, Romans, Lituanians, Hindustanis, Mongols, Italians, Slavs…

In the late game, Vikings have Twomansaw and crop rotation, but their eco isnt anything special either (in addition to bad tech tree). Basically any civ can compete and some civs are way ahead, like Slavs, Romans, Teutons, Bengalis,…

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