Villager build menu (reset) problem

So I find inconsistencies resetting the build menu once opened with a villager.

WRONG (no reset)
-Select a villager open build menu then deselect villager by clicking ground then select (any) villager again
-Select a villager open build menu then select another villager

-Select any other building or unit (not villager) resets the build menu to initial status

-Deselecting and selecting any other unit/building resets the build menu

Build menu Q dark age selected

Build menu start (default nothing -QWER- is selected)

If you think it’s working as intended let me know and I will delete the report.


Thanks @IRCketchUP! I think I understand what you’re pointing at here. I’ll get it logged so the team can check it out. Thanks!

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Have seen this issue. If a sub category is selected on a villager, like the ‘q’ menu, clicking the ground and selecting another villager brings up the same build menu with the same sub category selected. You’d expect it to be reset.

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This is critical when under attack, since G (run to safety) wont work, you have to press ESC before and the moment you realize all your villagers could be dead.

Its taking really long to patch the game, reaaaaally long…