Villager build speed, training time of units and technology timings

I was doing some number crunching and kept a stopwatch to roughly time the following values.


  1. Keep in mind that all values are displayed in seconds and timed at Speed 2.0 in Single Player mode.
  2. All presented values are in favour of Death Match game mode, as these are all technologies which can be researched at the Iron Age. But for regular training times, these count for all Ages.
  3. Non-architecture timings are not included fully. Neither is Palmyran fully displayed.


Interesting notes:
All Unique/Elite units have the same upgrade speed. This also counts for the Ballista Tower.

Having Architecture makes a big difference in build times. The civilizations that lack this technology are: Hittite, Assyrian and Phoenician. Hittite used to have the technology, but it got removed to balance out the civilization.

There is an significant speed increase if you build with 5 villagers, which then slowly diminishes. However, the build time for any building surely halves comparing 5 to 10 villagers.

Ignoring the Wonder, Towers are slowest to build. Never build a Tower with a single villager. Especially if you’re lacking Architecture.

Academy units are considerably fast to train, being only 5 seconds slower than the Swordsman line. However, a Barracks takes half the time to build with a single villager. So pumping out Swordsman is technically faster overall.

Catapult, Metallurgy, Craftsmanship, Alchemy and Irrigation are the slowest technologies to research. You might want to consider getting Alchemy, Catapult and Craftsmanship early to avoid delaying your upgrades.

Depending on your strategy. it might be wiser to build two or three of the same technology building. This allows simultaneous research to significantly improve upgrade speeds.

Being Palmyran in a Wonder War indicates you should be the one building, but I’ve tested several scenario’s in game and Palmyran is roughly half a minute faster in comparison to other civilizations. Still, this could mean victory or a loss. Architecture is a must, of course.