Villager Count

I know in aoe2 about 100 villagers was about right for me (If I stayed alive that long). Listening to spirit of the law he reckons about 100 villagers is about right in aoe4.

I am finding that you don’t need quite as many villagers as that and maybe 80 to 90 would be enough to keep my income going while spawning units and upgrades. I’m a noob at aoe4 so have been playing with the English which can give you a Kings Palace that acts as a town centre. So easy to produce villagers enough.

What to you guys think? I have been beaten by people with less score on me simply because thay have a bigger army. Maybe I should boom and delete villagers?

Enjoying the 1v1 online although I keep getting gubbed. :smiley:

i have only really played vs bots so far but ive noticed in late imperial im better off culling my villager pop down to 60 or 70 just to speed things along and mass a bigger death ball

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Regardless of game length, there is no loss in continuously producing villagers until you have somewhere North of 90.

If you are a Civ with nearly infinite resources, especially Gold, you can cause cessation of biological life of your workers gathering gold and put all that pop space into your army.

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Actually, in most professional games you will see the pros go up to around 120 villagers, and then build a million production structures to constantly produce out of them. They will start deleting vills when resources (like gold) starts running dry