Villager garrison bug

Hello there.

Day[9] just exposed another bug on his stream about villagers automatically moving into a town center. This happens when they are not holding ressources, but does not happen if they are holding ressources.

If a villager does not have ressources, right clicking the town center will make the game assume you want to garrison them. If a villager does carry a ressources, you can right click to drop off and then queue another task just fine.

Please fix this bug.

Hey @Zer0pntEnergy!

I’m not sure I agree this is a bug, but I would love to see more discussion around how this works.

Anyone else feel this is a bug or expected behavior?

So, the “bug” is that the right click behavior changes whether or not villagers carry resources? That’s how it should be, no? Same thing with damaged TC’s and villagers prioritizing repair before garrison or resource drop.

Some right+click actions take precedence, or am I missing something?

Hmm. Honestly i miss the functionality of the Alt Key in Age 2.

Holding Alt while right click → Garrison
Without holding right click → Drop of or Repair

Missing the same functionality with Unit selection.

Dragselect = Select only Military
Alt + Dragselect = Only Select Eco Units.

Afaik that is not implemented yet.

I dont think the described behaviour is a bug though with the current implementation of the garrison mechanic.

If I wanted to garrison the Villagers,the flee to safety button is faster and the garrison button is more controlled and reliable. The use case here is sending vills to a new task while they are carrying resources. The behavior of right clicking the TC ought to be consistent whether my vills are carrying resources or not.

I agree its difficult to decide whether this is a bug or not. But maybe we can agree on the fact that the behavior of villagers is rather unintuitive?

Lets look at the situation shown in the video. When you select villagers, its difficult to see if they are carrying ressources or not. Selecting villagers and adding a new task is an action that shouldn’t take longer than 1 second and I would call it a “muscle memory” decision, not a decision the player thinks about.

The unintuitive part is this:

If the villager does not carry any ressources, but the player thinks the villager is carriny ressources and queues and action by right clicking on the town center to drop off ressources, the villager will garrison inside the town center. However, the player was expecting to have the villager drop off ressources and continue with the next task, for example start gathering wood as we can see in this video.

In my opinion, the problem is the fact that a villager will do 2 different actions, depending on ressources carried or not, when you right click on the TC. This might be confusing for some players.

I see 2 possible solutions.

Solution 1: Make it easier to see when villagers are carrying ressources. This is a nice quality of life change in itself. And remove the tools like baskets or steaks or picks or axes from villagers which are on their way to a ressource location. In my personal experience, the tools the villagers are carrying confuse me greatly. When I send them to gather food from a deer, suddenly it looks like they are wielding steaks even before they start gathering food.

Solution 2: Make it so right clicking the TC will always garrison villagers even when they are carrying ressources. This should be the obvious solution in my eyes. Ask yourself this question: Are you more likely to right click your villagers on a TC to drop off ressources? Or do you right click to make them seek shelter? In my opinion, its to seek shelter.
Once right click is only used to garrison villagers, player will click a different hotkey to drop off ressources. This way, the player will acquire the muscle memory to always shift click + hotkey to drop off ressources + queue the next task for villagers and will no longer accidentally garrison villagers inside the TC.

In my opinion, solution 2 is the better one.

It’s not a bug , it’s a feature , right clicking tc will first give commend to drop resources , and second time clicking will make then garrison . It’s how they designed the game .

Why will u right click tc with vill of they are not collecting resources ???

It’s not unintuitive .

For ur simplicity it’s simple .

Situation one : if u want to put all vill in garrison , press get shelter or get garrison hotkey .

Situation2 : if u don’t want to garrison and want to drop resources , just right click them .

Things to avoid and the only unintuitive thing is why do u want to select and right click a vill that just came from dropping it’s load ??? What do u want to achieve by doing that , other than make him garrison .

May be u r selecting too many vill to drop load .