Villager Resource Gather Rates

Not sure if this has already been discussed but I find it interesting.

I have been looking online for this a lot and mostly can only find some values for AoE RoR. It seems like the old classic game had different gather rates for each type of resource and where it came from such as food from farms, berries or fish.

However, I was messing around in the scenario editor to test if the rate were the same as the old game but they’re different. I found out, that wood and all food(berries, farms, and fish) have all the same rates! Approximately 27 resources per minute or .45 res/sec, which is the old number a lot of other testers had in the original game.

It was always said that hunting and fishing were much faster than berries and farms were the slowest. I see that all gather rates are the same now…

Has anyone else tried this yet?

Current working rates are
Woodcutting 0.55
Fishing 0.55
Farming 0.45
Foraging 0.45
Hunting 0.4725 (0.45 original, 5% increase)
Gold mining 0.5175 (0.45 original, 15% increase)
Stone mining 0.5175 (0.45 original, 15% increase)

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FIshing shore is for sure, like pate623 write the quickest. The proof are that with 4/5 villager u keep constantly 50 food, with berries is 5/6

Full change log:

It is interesting that in the DE you see lots of players on Islands now going for shore fish (as the fastest method of food collection) and then tool rushing via transport ship rather than doing the customary fishing ship boom.

Personally I prefer the latter ‘classic’ approach but I have seen the toolrushes carried off well.