Villager selection optimisation suggestion

I may be wrong here but…

When you select a villager via a hotkey such as - cycle through villagers mining gold - the villager selected is NOT the closest villager…? Why is this?

Okay, so it probably works by a FIFO algorithm yeah? So the first villager assigned to food gets selected when you cycle through villagers on food. Alright, cool. I can understand this.

Why not include an option in the settings to choose between the closest villager (relative to the camera location) and a “normal” setting that just picks the villagers in the order they were assigned to the task?

I request key combination to only select villagers

They already have this as an option I believe with the click and drag boxes. I don’t know about selecting enemy units but you can discriminate if you want your box select to pick up only military or only villagers if both happen to be within the area of the box select. There is also the “smart select” feature but I’m not too sure how it works exactly.