Villager Spawns on Nomad Style MegaRandoms

There have been quite a few MegaRandom maps lately for me where the format of the map is quite balanced (of course), except/however with respect to Villager Spawns. The worst case was just earlier tonight with two opponents seeing 4-corner lakes that mirror the 4-lakes maps. Because of this, despite having to run across the map to build their T.C. they know (have a fairly high chance of being correct) about the layout of the map.

This particular game was a 3 vs 3 where our villagers spawned as 6 in the bottom centre (below a large central plateau). Then we had 2 in the top centre… the scouting cost of a villager running from this distance to corners would have been the equivalent of about 3 minutes of villager walking time at its shortest distance.

I’m wondering if there might be a potential situation where villager spawn could be mirrored for certain iterations of Nomad-Style MegaRandoms. I’m just of the opinion that if there are crucial resource areas or exploitable terrain (such as high ground or ponds/lakes), then having 0 villagers or 1 villager spawn nearby would be best. If there is a stone in 1 area and gold in another, then it could be easier for both teams/players to suspect how the map is layed out rather than just random scouting especially on larger maps.

So yes - Suggestion is there are equidistant villagers from opposing sides (1 each) that give vision of a crucial resource or area on MegaRandom (nomad type) maps - OR - for no villagers to be able to spawn nearby, but then Luck-of-the-Spawn might come into it to situate one team’s villagers in spots where they will most likely pass by said areas.

I think the idea of mega random is just everything is completely random so naturally there need luck. Otherwise it is not “mega” random