Villager take wood with longer walking distance

I got two times in a row where the villager take the wrong wood because this wood is next to him but he has to walk around the corner to get it. That is quite annoying, a huge disadvantage you loss time and did I say it is really annoying? And instead of putting the wood into the lumbercamp they try to put it into the TC and walk all the way around.

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Villagers choose a tree based on straight line distance from their current drop-off point and upon collecting wood choose the closest drop-off point to walk to again based on straight line distance.

In most cases this is perfectly fine and it takes less computation effort than determining the perfect tree to chop. Having a sophisticated algorithm to determine the best tree and drop-off point per lumberjack per batch of wood collected is a lot of calculations for a niche problem. I think I prefer it the way it is now and keep the game as smooth as possible.