Villager VS Fishing Boats! Rates Table!

So presenting you all with:

Fishing boats ( with 2 cards: Fish Market, Rendering Plant)


Indian Vills (No Cards)

it takes boats 1 card and 2Upgrades(90WnG + 200Wn200G = 290W 290G) to achieve a rate that rice paddy can never achieve!


You should have included cards that boost food/coin production from rice field in this analysis to see what level of production you can reach. You only did half of the job.

You could also include the wonder that boost gather rate, because you want to build rice patty close to it.

strategy. Did way more than half the job… I think that was an undermining think to say to someone listing that much info…however the full story would compare more scenarios and account for only 4 boars per well while you get 10 vil per patty.