Villagers and archers fail to connect their proyectiles on elevated units

Game version:

  • Build: 46777
  • Operating system: Windows 10


Villagers (hunters) and all archers tend to miss their shots on objectives that are high, at an elevation.


A hunter having issues with his prey:

A bowman not being able to kill a gazelle at higher ground:
Likewise, but with a horse archer:

Expected result:

That both hunters and archers can make a calculation of the trajectory of their projectiles, creating, if necessary, a parabola or arc, until they reach their objectives that are at an elevation, similar to Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

Always has been, it’s just an old 2D game.

That’s no excuse, though. Age of Empires II is also an old 2D game from 1999.

Well, if you consider that nothing else was done than a pretty graphics was put over the old game. Even in the 2nd part back then, the developers put more effort into making the arrows unblockable and solved this graphically with an elyptic trajectory.

I would say its working as intended. The way how arrows and ballista bolts act in AoE1 its logical it will happen like this. In AoE2 you would see how ballista bolts actually changes its elevation/height during flight if ground level changes, which in my opinion is total bs.

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Yeah, not my point though. I don’t want projectiles actively modifying their trajectory midair (unless it’s magical/fantastic stuff which Age of Empires is not about), but them being adjusted before leaving the unit, in the way mortars IRL work. This is possible with stone throwers and catapult-based units already, so I think it would be nice for archers to simply shoot a bit higher and have a more pronounced arc if needed. As for ballistae, I don’t imagine them being useful against targets at higher grounds.